BurdaStyle Book…the secrets out!

Finally I can share with you a secret that I have been oh so good at keeping. It’s been hard because it is so exciting for me! Do you remember a little while ago BurdaStyle asked for sewers to participate in a top-secret project? Well here it is! I applied and after submitting some sketches I was chosen to be a part of it. I am so happy. I am making a blouse variation and received my fabric last week, it is from Tessuti and is just beautiful. All participants will receive their patterns soon and have less than one month to sew them up and courier them away to New York. I’m a little nervous because I chose a sheer fabric but I am sure it will all go smoothly and I cannot wait to see everyone’s contirbutions…hopefully I get my own book out of it ;) It is due out in Fall 2011, which in non-American means September 2011…ohh so long to wait! Watch this space…

Patrones 287 (December 2009)

We are taking a few steps backwards today because I just received a new Patrones magazine that I ordered off of ebay over 2 months ago. I really wanted this magazine and just missed out on it when I began my subscription but I found a copy on ebay from seller Stoff-Art Auktionen (always excellent service & I highly recommend if you are desperate for an issue you missed out on) it took a little longer than expected to get to me (I think because of the volcanic ash problems) but it is finally here and now I remember why I desperately had to hunt it down.

Finally I have accepted that Winter is definitely here and these cute work ensembles are just perfect, sometimes I feel like a bit of a fashion retard and I love how Patrones shows you an entire outfit and then gives you the patterns for (usually) all the pieces. These three also look like they’d mix-and-match easily too, it’s like an entire professional wardrobe over two pages, bliss. I have decided that this winter (amongst the pile of patterns I cut out last weekend) that I want to make a kind of suit-jacket/blazer and each of these looks is great for showing me how I can wear one but it’s hard to decided which to do first! Actually to be honest I’ll probably start with this one,

(Jacket 102B – Burda WoF 05/2009 – I just love the shape and I like the shiny look, maybe in black or if I am feeling brave a solid colour maybe deep pink like this short sleeve version, Jacket 114 – BurdaStyle 06/2010 – very nice…the jacket of course ;)



I love this dress alot, I think the detail is really nice but I also think it would definitely look much better on me because, how do I put it nicely, the model is a little flat chested, I think it could be much more flattering than it looks, ohh in black.




I went to an amazing fabric sale a little while ago, it was at Joveeba and there, with little encouragement, I somehow managed to buy some sequinned fabric. Now that’s not something that I would usually buy but I must have had my brave on that day. I’m not really sure how it happened, I think it just kind of screamed up at me, “BUY ME!” and then it was in my box and I did.

Now I’m not above a bit of bling but I had no idea what I was going to do with this fabric or even if there is anything special I should know before I attempt to cut or sew with it. It’s basically 3 meters of black sequins arranged in parallel lines of scallops on a black backing and something about it just makes me happy. My first idea, just to ease myself into the world of sequinned bling, was to make that suit-jacket/blazer and use a bit of it on just the turned out lapels and pocket flaps, which I think could be cute but I still wasn’t sold…luckily the magazines have come to my aid:

First up Burda suggested this, 103 – BurdaStyle 06/2010 – and I like it a lot, I can see it in black, over a black top to give blingy contrast for a night out and I could even wear it to work...Then in this Patrones issue they have a special just on bolero jackets, how to wear them and with what, perfect, because that trend completely mystifies me, I really have no idea about the bolero/cropped jacket but I feel like I need one of them too. The first two are my favourites, and ohh look, sequins! So if I have enough, I might give the first one a try after my vest, then before you know it I’ll be out hunting down purple sequins, it can only go downhill from here, but in a good way…

This issue also has an amazing plus section, with plenty of cute wrap dresses and trousers. This top and trouser set are my favourite, I will either attempt to grade the top down to my size or use it as inspiration with another pattern from my stash.




Well that’s it for this issue, I am awaiting a La Mia Boutique which should arrive in the next few days. I’ve had a 6 month subscription but they just haven’t been as good as the first one I got randomly off of ebay (December 2009, it’s great!) but maybe if this issue proves otherwise I’ll share it with you too.


Ready for a challenge? I am.

I was a bit sad that I missed out on the Me Made May challenge because getting my wardrobe to at least 80% made-by-me was my 2010 New Years Resolution. So when ‘So, Zo…’ announced Self-Stitched-September I figured I had to give it a try plus it’ll give me a kick in the bum to get some serious sewing done in the next few months, so here’s my pledge:

I, kaitui_kiwi, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavour to wear as many handmade item(s) of clothing as possible (aiming for 80%) for every day for the duration of September 2010′.

There! Now, quick, to the sewing machines bat-kiwi!

(Why don’t you join in too? Check out the blog and make the pledge, you know you want to!)

Selfish Seamstressing for beginners: A handy guide (via The Selfish Seamstress)

I love reading the Selfish Seamstress’ blog because I am pretty selfish too when it comes to sewing and Elaine tells me that there is nothing wrong with that at all. It’s more of a time thing for me because I don’t always get much sewing time so if I am sewing for YOU then that is taking away from time when I could be sewing for ME. I do lapse from time to time but this handy guide helps to strengthen my resolve and be a more selfish seamstress. Her posts are always a great laugh, why don’t you check out her blog too, then we can all be more selfish and make more clothes for ourselves.

The Selfish Seamstress loves to read other people’s sewing blogs.  She does this mainly in hopes of finding mentions of herself.  (Secondary reason: So she can steal your ideas.)  Recently she has noticed some bloggers making comments somewhat along the lines of, “I wish I could be more like the Selfish Seamstress!”  How tremendously flattering!  Are they jealous of my long flowing hair?  My remarkable intelligence?  My keen sense of style?  My i … Read More

via The Selfish Seamstress