Sewing Magazines in the City

The great thing about working in Wellington’s CBD is that I can pretty much walk to all my appointments. This means I get to wander down lots of different streets that I haven’t done before and discover new shops.

On my way to a meeting last week I passed a new coffee/magazine shop that looked chock full of “alternative” magazines so I made a mental note to pop back later for a visit.

“Later” came today and I am so glad I went back, they not only have Burda (at a ridiculously cheap price compared to what I was paying in Australia – remember I ditched my subscription and I refuse to pick it up again even though Burda have gotten better for fear of jinxing the next issue) they also have Burda Plus, and a whole stack of others I didn’t even know existed (and heaps crochet and knitting mags as well).


Magntix: 39 Johnston Street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand (old Wholly Bagels shop)

So, for my Wellington readers, here is the run down on their sewing magazine selection:

Current issue in stock: September 2011




BurdaStyle Plus
Current Issue in stock: Autumn/Winter 2011




Sew Hip
Current Issue in stock: November 2011




$31.00 (What?! I hope I read the price tab wrong because it’s much cheaper on the Interweave website even with shipping – plus you can buy an eMag – so click the link)
Current Issue in stock: Fall 2011



Sewing World

Current Issue in stock: October 2011




Sew Beautiful
Current Issue in stock: #139 2011

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of OCD

On Saturday I did two very important things:

Firstly I voted. New Zealand is holding it’s General Election and a Referendum on our Voting System so I went and had my say.

Secondly, I cleaned both my sewing machines…and my sewing room

Evidence of sewing

I quite like cleaning my sewing machines, there’s something so satisfying about seeing them, in all their whiteness, fluff free, freshly oiled and running silently ready for the next project.

Big satisfied sigh, all is right in my little world.

Naked Elna 2130

I am quite convinced that my lovingly obsessive cleaning and oiling is what has kept my Elna running just like the day I bought her, and she celebrates her 8th birthday this December (I just went and got the receipt, yes, I still have it!) without a single visit to Mr Expensive Repair Man.

Purple fluff EVERYWHERE!

The Bernina (who turns three next March, wow time flies) still has quite a way to go to prove her reliability as the Elna sits in the corner glowing with pride. I suspect, being much more complicated, that she will need a visit one day soon, but we shall see.

It’s fess up time: Do you make a habit to clean and oil your machine(s) regularly? Or do you wait until they start to clunk? Am I the only slightly obsessive seamstress out there? ;)

Patrones 307 & 308 (August & September 2011)

It’s catch up time again, for Patrones, please excuse the lack of words, starting with issue 307:

I’ve been a bit less enthusiastic about Patrones lately, I think it’s just been a little bit too casual and since I am back working full-time my eye is drawn more to work-appropriate patterns but there are still some great items.

Actually this dress (#11) would be great for work, the collar makes me think of a tuxedo and would look really nice in shiny black as a contrast.

And here is a full suit outfit complete with blouse – I like the pleated insert panel, adds a nice touch to a simple item.

Capes are everywhere here, or they were, now summer is slowly eradicating them along with the heavy coats, but I kind of want one…

A couple of flirty romantic dresses, I really like #27 even thought an empire line with pleats usually makes me look pregnant, maybe in a super light-weight fabric it would hang more flat.

…and some cute kiddies to finish off

Issue 308 is the Autumn Special:

A nice classic dress

The white skirt has some interesting pleating. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just me, but this model is looking really evil and what is with those glasses?! But I do really like the long vest/jacket, I need one of those.

Love the pleating and collar of this blue top (#20)

And this one is pretty fab too, Jacquie made an amazing version of this top and shares how she tackled the collar, you should got take a look.

Next month (or this month, when it finally arrives) is moving towards winter (but looking out the window today summer is settling in quite nicely), we have masculine winter trends, print dresses, a selection of skirts and chic coats for everyone.

Manequim 627 & 628 (September & October 2011)

Ahhhh slowly catching up…apologies that these images aren’t my usual quality, the scanner I am using is good at making copies of several pages but when I try to open them up in Photoshop for editing they are all cropped @ 19cm square.  I like to think I’m pretty good with image editing software and I know my fair share of tricks but after playing with these images on and off for two weeks (because I refuse to re-scan them again) I am stumped. So, here they are anyway ;)

Starting with Manequim 627:




I really love the cover skirt, the side panelling is really nice, I think it would look amazing in black and white. And the yellow dress with knot/twist detail is something I’ve wanted to try for a white…not sure how I’ll get along with no English instructions for this one but they do have a nice diagram in the instructions.

I feel like the designer patterns section has gotten smaller these last few issues. There are as many looks as before, but les patterns. This month is Balenciaga and we get a really cute sheer top and shift dress.

In the “Day-to-Day” section there is a nice sporty skirt and funky 60s mod dress…and a jump suit…is it just me or is Manequim just a little obsessed with jumpsuits right now?

“Dresses of the Decades” is my favourite section this month, probably because I have been so busy researching the 1930s.

Yup! Definitely obsessed with jumpsuits…what is going on with that poor woman’s crotch? I’m not sure if the fly just finishes too high or if the crotch really is that low…cute top next door, love that sleeve.

Ok, let’s do another one shall we? Manequim 628:




I thought this romantic skirt was a dress at first, maybe the original one is, but it wouldn’t take much to whip up a matching top. I’ve never tried a serious bit of pleating before, I saw that episode of Project Runway where one of the designers used a pleating board, they are very expensive but there are a few tutorials online of how to make your own.

Ok, I have to admit I am running out of words…this skirt panelling is fabulous and I like the wrap top detail. I need to find some spotty sheer fabric!

Aaaand more jump suits to finish! I’ll get the last two Patrones up soon because my next Manequim issue is waiting at the post office for me to pick up. Shall we take a guess at how many jump suits are in that issue? ;) I’ll guess two, any advance on two? ;)