#FMSphotoaday Week Four (+2 bonus days)

November 22. Grateful: Some shopping vouchers – always grateful for a little bit of help at Christmas time!

November 23. Black: Everything on my desk that was black

November 24. A Sound you Heard: Can you see him? A beautiful Tui proudly (and noisily) greeting the morning

November 25. Sky: Grumpy afternoon clouds hail a windy (and possibly rainy) night ahead…

November 26. In the Cupboard: Backup drives for work, time to change them over

November 27. Tree: Christmas tree in Midland Park

November 28. Vehicle: Wellington’s famous electric trolley buses have been in operation since 1949 (Not these exact ones! These are the newest additions to the fleet)

November 29. Big: More Wellington sculpture – “Shells” (2002) is by artist Jeff Thomson, cast in concrete using corrugated iron as the mould

November 30. On the Wall: A sad but common site now in Wellington, “Earthquake Prone Building” notices must be displayed if a building is assessed to have a strength less than 34% of a new building and are required to be strengthened or demolished by a certain date, usually 10 – 20 years in the future

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The Invasion of Cuba Quarter (or When 7 Sewing Bloggers Meet)

First of all, I just want to say a huge thank you to Wendy & Katie for helping me (pdf and photo instruction links no less!) with the RNHS Rugby Jersey button placket. My post was up less than 30 minutes! Isn’t the internet great?

I’ll tell you what else is great about the internetz, meeting other sewing bloggers from your city!

It began with an idea that quickly became a blog post or two, there was a whisper on Twitter and emails were shared. Not even the threat of rain could deter the 7 gorgeous sewing bloggers from (greater) Wellington (plus one cute baby) the chance to meet IRL.

The promise of tea and cakes probably helped too ;)

We began at the super girly tea room of Martha’s Pantry in upper Cuba, (they have a boys version across the street called Arthur’s…Arthur & Martha, cute no?)  for afternoon tea.

Martha’s Pantry tea and cake (and milkshakes)

It was a difficult choice, the selections on offer all looked so tasty. In the end I shared a pot of tea with Juliet and my cake selection was pink and sparkly!

Introductions began, tea was drunk, along with milkshakes, lunch was consumed and there was much chatter and laughter.

Kat’s Creaming Soda Milkshake in all its shaved chocolate and hundreds & thousands glory – it almost needs a halo of light surrounding it!

Myself, Juliet & Joy (photo by Nikki)

After we were all fuelled up we left with the intention of heading down Cuba Street to Minerva where they specialise in craft, fashion, textile and quilter’s books.

On the way however we got a little distracted by the cute display outside of Unearthed so in we went. One box of vintage patterns was spotted, followed by another, and then another and we played musical pattern box swapsies around the table.

Pattern digging at Unearthed (see what I did there?)

No one’s eftpos card was spared, here is what I came away with:

My Unearthed pattern finds

Yes these are mostly little girls patterns, don’t judge me, and don’t get any ideas, they were just too cute. I like the Home Journal pattern too, check out that gathered collar detail, but I am also a little creeped out that she doesn’t have a mouth.

Now I can’t un-see it and neither can you ;)

Global Fabrics Invasion

Global Fabrics was next  on our radar (Australian readers will know this as The Fabric Store) but despite their huge selection and much stroking of fabric we all left empty-handed.

The faux fur was so soft! (photo by Nikki)

And then finally we made it to Made on Marion and were reunited with Maryanne who owns this wonderful shop.

If anyone else is freaked out by the For Sale sign on the building, I know I was, don’t stress, Maryanne has assured us they are not going anywhere, yay :)

Stash Swap!

There was much on offer at the swap table and quite a lot of it found a new home.

More stash!

However despite all our best efforts to coerce donate our stash to each other we still had quite a bit left over at the end of the day so keep your eyes open for an exciting announcement this Saturday…

My Stash Swap selections

A future meet is already in the planning and there is discussion that we must wear an outfit using a pattern or made from some fabric that we acquired during this meet. I am thinking about what fabrics could make the Simplicity “walk-away” style dress pattern look fabulous!Or I can see the cotton as a pencil skirt…

There is always one who has to dash away early and misses out on the group photos, errm, that would be me! I was considering a Photoshop job but I don’t want anyone to think I was weird or anything ;)

Joy, Maryanne, Jo, Nikki, Juliet, Kat and Drake (photo by Nikki)


Joy – A Charm of Magpies

Maryanne – Sent from my iRon and also of Made on Marion

Jo – Making It Well

Nikki – Nikki’s Stitches

Juliet – The Crazy Gypsy Chronicles

Kat – Modern Vintage Cupcakes

So many talented ladies all lucky to live in the same amazing creative city!

I had a fantastic afternoon and after a recovery nap I was feeling super inspired and finished off all my piping for the Birthday dress. My enthusiasm lasted all weekend and on Sunday I sewed all day long. My dress is still far from finished and I’ll share some progress photos with you soon but I am really happy with it so far.

Thank you so much ladies for an amazing afternoon, I can’t wait for our next catch up! xx


Phew guys! I had a HUGE sewing weekend, but that post is going to have to wait until tomorrow, work is crazy right now! We just won a big fat juicy job that I am super excited about but means a heap of work in very little time.

I’ve really missed whipping up a mid-week blog post during my lunch break or after work but it has all just been a bit too much for me over the last week or two and it isn’t looking any better for the next couple either.

I shouldn’t complain because if we weren’t crazy I’d be pretty nervous!

I am going to share with you all the fun of our Wellington Sewing Bloggers Meet Up tomorrow though, I just have to scrape together all my photos. Seriously, those girls! I needed a nap just to recover after I got home!

I am so ready for Christmas break…well not really, I haven’t done any shopping yet and I have a HUGE family Christmas dinner to plan (whose idea was it to host that?! Oh yeah, mine, haha!) but mentally (and I may just go a little mental) I am ready, bring on the joyous festiveness!

Ok, but for now, I need your guys help! I’m going to post this up on BurdaStyle and PR too but maybe one of you brilliant peeps can help me first.

I thought I had the RNHS Rugby Shirt button placket all worked out, I was going to use this tutorial from Two On, Two Off but when I looked at the pattern pieces on the weekend, mine are different. If no one can help me then I will calculate a new piece similar to the one in this tutorial but first choice is to make it up as cut…

Here are the placket pieces, there are two…

…and this is what the front looks like…

What do you guys think?

With the RNHS Rugby Jersey stalled I did make good progress on my Birthday Dress, much bias was cut for piping, so much bias was cut!

But the whole time I felt like I had a little Sewing Angel sitting on one shoulder, and a little Sewing Devil sitting on the other.

The guilt-ridden little Sewing Angel was tugging on my ear lobe and whispering that I should feel guilty for enjoying rotary cutting bias strips so much while Nerdy Husband went rugby-shirt-less.

But the selfish little Sewing Devil was jumping up and down and gleefully rubbing its tiny hands together, “Cut! Cut!” it chanted, a little look of sewing madness in its eyes, “Make that beautiful dress, make it!”

So bias strips I made. The good news is that I am loving the contrast colour I chose, difficult to photograph accurately, it’s a deep blue with just enough purple.

So if you have any ideas on how I can shrug off my guilt and get the rugby jersey finished asap or want to draw me a scribble so I can understand how to attach the button placket I would really appreciate it!

Happy Monday :) xx

#FMSphotoaday Week Three

November 15. In your Bag: Lippy, nail polish, small random things purse, camera, hand sanitiser, business card holder, loose change, access card & keys for work, house keys, purse, personal mobile, work mobile, headphones, memory sticks, notebook and a ‘baggu’ carry bag (because my camera and my phones live in my bag I had to use a bit of a dodgy camera to take this so please excuse the blurryness)

November 16. The View from your Window: From my seat at work, looking a bit grey outside today

November 17. The Last Thing you Bought: Lining fabric, thread & zippers for my next two projects – oh and some cute birdie fabric just because…

November 18. Happened this Weekend: Cooking dinner with my Hubby – his own Beef Stroganoff recipe

November 19. Something Awesome: My first ripe strawberry of the season and it is humongous!

November 20. Work/Play: The same but different!

November 21. What You Wore: Trying to get the washing dry before the rain shows up!