Fabric shopping > cleaning

Just a quick post to say I’m still here, I’ve just been recovering because last weekend was MOVE DAY! Yay! Finally!

Originally it took just the two of us 5 truck loads and two days to move everything into storage but with the help of some awesome family members (Mechanical Bother-in-Law and Father-Who-Didn’t-Lift-Anything-Heavy-If-His-Wife-Asks) we managed to move everything out on Saturday in just 3 truck loads, phew!

Nerdy Husband and Mechanical Brother-in-Law seemed dismayed at the number of boxes labelled “Mel’s Room (Sewing)” or “Fabric” but Father-Who-Didn’t-Lift-Anything-Heavy-If-His-Wife-Asks knows his daughter well and just smiled.

I know you guys will understand ;)

I love our new house but unfortunately I haven’t had much time to enjoy it yet. Despite the previous owners paying a cleaner for the morning I still ended up spending most of the weekend cleaning the kitchen before I ran out of energy. So I have no future-sewing-room photos for you just yet. The problem is that my room is currently serving as wardrobe, dressing room and linen cupboard until I get a chance to thoroughly clean them too. There is only one word to describe their current state: feral.

The plan this weekend is more cleaning (sarcastic yay) so that I can get our clothing, linen and towels out of future-sewing-room. Then I can re-assemble my sewing table and shelves, which all had to be pulled apart to get them down the tiny hallway of our rental house, and then the fun really begins!

I better hurry up because my fabric shelves just got some new additions…

Excuse the wobbly cell phone photo – hands were full of fabric

50% off at Arthur Toye? Well if you insist… ;)

Green & white cotton/spandex for an experiment to recreate my favourite (and almost falling apart) workout top and 2 x 100% viscose prints

Some sort of knit with sparkly stripe, some suiting and a lace – because I really want to make a lace overlay dress! Possibly to combine with the suiting fabric beside it as a more work-appropriate version (?)

Lace detail

I am looking forward to sharing photos of my room with you as I set it up so watch this space next week when, hopefully, normal service resumes…

Fessing up

It’s confession time: I have no sewing to report, or finished item images to share with you and I might not for a few more weekends.

So it’s time to fess up.

Our rental got put on the market at the end of January and nerdy hubby and I are being put through Open Home mayhem every Sunday with viewings “by appointment” mid-week as well. This means we have to be super tidy ALL. THE. TIME. (because I am NOT getting blamed for it not selling due to anything we’ve done) and we must be absent during the time when a potential buyer may come through.

This is frustrating to put it mildly (you can insert an alliteration appropriate swear word in front of that term if you want, I did, inside my head).

I told myself I wasn’t going to let it stress me out or interrupt my me-time, namely my sewing-time, but the truth is that it is impossible to be a creative person when you are also paranoid about strangers coming through your house.

So I have hidden packed a lot of things away and pretty much not touched my machines in the last three weeks.

It appears that, along with my expensive scissors and other small pocket-able items, I accidentally packed away my sewing mojo and I’m not sure which box it went into.

I did sit down at my machines on Saturday and managed to partially sew up the side seam of my vest but I made a hash of it and it is hanging all wrong. I am grumpily blaming the instructions which I shouldn’t have bothered to follow so I’ll be unpicking it and doing it my way when I next feel inspired.

Why are we sticking around? I hear you ask. Well, this is not the first time we’ve been in this situation but we have decided it will be the last and have begun the fun (and scary) task of looking for our first house home together. So right now it suits us since we can give notice as soon as we find a place of our own and (for now) not have to sign into another rental contract that we’ll have to see out.

So our Saturdays are now full of drive-by house hunting and on Sundays we troupe through other people’s houses while they troupe through ours.

It is physically and emotionally draining.


The fantasy of finally being able to do as I want with my very own dream sewing room in my very own home is all that is keeping me going right now…that and fabric shopping…and new magazines…and reading all your amazing blogs…and possibly finally getting a kitten or a puppy ;)

I have new magazines to share with you later this week but for now, because I don’t like posts with no images in them let’s finish up with some pretty fabrics, my latest acquisitions from The Fabric Warehouse Pop-up Store.

Fabric makes me feel happy and if you haven’t been down there yet chop chop, they finish up on Wednesday…if there is anything left:

I can’t wait to make some amazing new pieces with these pretties in my dream sewing room sometime in the near future.

Please stick around, I promise I’ll be back to my old (sewing) self soon…

Stashaholics need not apply…

If you are in Wellington, this is for you…unless you made a New Years Resolution this year to reduce your stash and not buy any more fabrics…then I suggest you look away now.

I warned you OK?

I had to get down there for a lookie first before I posted this…but I don’t want you guys to accuse me of not loving you enough to share so I promise that I did leave some fabric behind.

Only one of these items was $5m (pure silk), the rest were just $3m!


Now: Go, buy, stash & sew!