Manequim 636 (May) 2012 (plus FREE pattern alert!)

I had a quick catch up with the Wellington Fabric Hoarders girls on Sunday which was super fun. I just chatted while flicking through some retro sewing books I picked up at a book fair and some magazines that Gillian brought along and I saw a sewing machine that sews without a foot, crazy but true!

Desperate for some new sewing goodies to help me get through my enforced sewing “holiday”, today I went down to the magazine shop near my work with the intention of picking up April’s BurdaStyle but after a flick through I put it back on the shelf and decided to save my money for spending on fabric instead, here’s why:

Still on the shelf

I was initially interested in the top/dress with funky looking sleeves but Melissa’s post has saved me from wasting my time (and silk) on sleeves that don’t look anywhere near as glamorous in real life, that’s a genuine huge thank you xx isn’t the sewing blog-world wonderful that way?

I also liked this lace top which was featured in a couture sewing article on BurdaStyle recently but a closer look and I realised it’s just a couple of rectangles and I am drawn more to the lace overlay effect than the actual pattern. I was confident I could draft that up myself or if not I’d have something similar enough in my pattern stash. Then, while putting together the images for this post, I saw that they give you the drafting instructions for FREE on the website!! Ack! If you totally missed it like me, go get it for yourself right now.

The other item I liked is this cropped/short sleeved jacket (or is it technically a vest?) but again it’s more the style rather than the actual pattern I am drawn to and, as evidenced by the one million* similar patterns in my stash, I’ve been considering making up a pattern like this for a while.

Evidence A:

All of the above is now added to my mental “to sew” list. Did you buy the April issue? I know it’s been a long time ago for those of you who subscribe or can buy it the month it comes out but what was your favourite pattern for that month?

*not really one million, but plenty of people I know would believe that statement. Pshht, fools, I can get way more than a measly million patterns into my filing cabinet ;)

Anyway, let’s look at a magazine I did buy, Manequim 636:

A fun “green” shopping bag that zips up into a smaller purse size is great. I have one of these that I was given and have long thought about drafting a pattern to make more but that kind of sewing for me always get’s relegated to the bottom of the pile under more fun things like dresses and lace wrap tops. I like the square neckline with collar on dress 254, and the off-centre front zipper it’s quite different, bonus points for pockets too.

Another tie-front top and the pink blouse has some really nice details. I like the seaming on this skirt, but not the fabric, just not me but another pattern that could look great colour-blocked or with contrast top-stitching.

Our designer section this month is Marcel Rochas, we get four patterns (the orange blouse is also included) and I LOVE the coat. Perfect for today, it was only 5.5 degrees Celsius when I left for work this morning, and that didn’t take into account the wind-chill factor, Winter is definitely here! The dress is nice too, great fabric!

“From the catwalk to the streets” is sparkly and bright. My favourite is the sporty top, I really like the panelling and shoulder pleating.

After the sneak peak I was really looking forward to the “return of the sets” but meh…

The Oscar dresses were much more exciting!

Next month (which will probably arrive soon) looks ok, a “winter prints” section, Salvatore Ferragamo is the designer feature and it looks like a jacket/coat section “to warm (you) up”.

April Manequim Preview

Here is a the quick preview for the next Manequim issue (April for me):


Also something about “return of the sets” (a volta dos conjuntos) which if you look at the picture they have a matching blouse and skirt (looks like a dress at first) but then they accessorise  them separately…interested to see how many other patterns are in that section.

Manequim 635 (April 2012)

April’s Manequim showed up this week day, yay! There is a lot in this issue to love so here are some of my favourite picks this month:

Starting with a couple of cute separate collars, I”ve seen a few of these around, we get two different patterns and embellishment ideas. I kind of want to make one because they are just so sweet!

This months regular plus sized pattern is great too with a pleated skirt, love the colour and accessories.

This white dress (210) is gorgeous! Great detailing and the gold number is great too, it’s got an interesting dart and pleat detail, I’m not convinced on the silhouette for me but it is in a Manequim size 44 (approx. Burda 42).

This months designer section is Marc Jacobs and we get 4 patterns, a cute tie-front blouse (still haunting me, I better make one as soon as I sort my accommodation issues out!) in an even cuter sheer. A classic shirt with ruffle front in two lengths, or at least to me it looks like the shirt-dress pattern has just been shortened.

I also like the polka dot skirt, great fabric, and really nice detailing at the centre front and hem, I like that this month they have the items really mix-and-match with each other like a capsule wardrobe.

I think meia-estação is “half season” so I am guessing these items are transitional season pieces. I really like this jacket with removable hood and the colour-blocked dress is very on-trend and would look great with boots. I also like this next polka dot skirt with a pleated hem.

I was quite interested in this first dress in “Powerful Visual” from last months preview. It’s actually quite a simple blocked piece but with a very Mondo use of different fabrics. The wrap dress is good too, you can never have too many wrap dress patterns, and I like the scoop necked top too.

I don’t often show you the other sections of Manequim – Typically there are make up and fashion trends sections, some recipes and this month we have some home decorating ideas under “Renew you Home”.

I LOVE this clock! It looks like wall decals with a basic clock movement in the centre and I am so doing this when I get my dream sewing room set up, just you wait! I reckon I could stencil it and paint it on, ohh, I’m so excited!

I don’t have a preview for next months magazine yet, I seem to have received this magazine super early for a change (yay!) so hopefully it’ll be up on their site soon and I’ll post it later :)

Happy sewing! xx

Manequim 634 (March 2012)

Sigh…I’ve had a super crappy week but pretty patterns cheer me up, let’s review:

Ohh shoes! Shoes make me happy too, these are so pretty in all their clompy goodness. It’s a shame all the shoes I can buy right now are for winter. I hope I can find some puppies like these in the shops next summer.

And this month we also get another pretty online crochet pattern (link) and it looks like the plus pattern page is going to be a regular now. I think the neckline of this top is quite nice, a combination of shirt collar and cowl neck.

 Our cover model this month is Fernanda Souza, a Brazilian model and actress who is clearly a fan of pink. I really like the dress on the left which is a style I’ve seen before but this pattern manages to still show off a really nice feminine silhouette while being floaty and layered.

Our designer section is Tommy Hilfiger and I have to say that I am a bit disappointed that the number of patterns in this section seems to be shrinking. This month we only get three and while I LOVE this dress and it looks great with the blazer (we also get a jean pant pattern shown in a blue and white stripe that had an unfortunate pattern joining in the crotch that I didn’t scan) there was also an amazing top and skirt that I wished they’d produced a pattern for.

FYI the dress, if you bought it, is R$780 (about NZD$520) and the blazer R$404 (about NZD$270)

The “Democratic Fashion” (?) section has some pretty and light tops and I really like this dress with all the buttons and tabs on the neckline.

I love a good wide leg pant and the fabric of her blouse is amazing too!

Don’t let the line drawing of this first dress in the “Time to Shine” section fool you, those are not several long pleats or darts as I first thought, it’s just representing the lace. I like the strappy neckline, it ties at the back of the neck in a bow.

It’s hard to see the detail of this dress in the black fabric, you’ll have to take my word, when I stare really closely at the magazine page it looks pretty hot. I’ve scanned it several times to try to get the detail to show up but it was Photoshop ultimately that saved the day (click on the thumbnail on the left to view bigger). It looks absolutely awful colour-wise but you can at least see the pleats, waistband and overlapping front.

Finishing up with another tie-front blouse in a great print and next months preview, ohh, Marc Jacobs!