Patrones 291 (April 2010)

I am really enjoying the Patrones magazines, their selection in my opinion is much more inspiring and fashion-forward than Burda right now, a sentiment I know many of you will share with me and to be honest, if I had not found a cheaper and faster way to get Burda direct from Germany then I would not have renewed my Burda subscription. I would have been quite happy with my monthly supply of Patrones and the odd Burda issue from the newsagent. I wonder what I’ll be thinking in 11 months time when my Burda subscription comes up again for renewal? We shall see I guess, but anyway, on to the good stuff:

The index no longer shows the entire magazine contents so you need to flick through to remember where that amazing dress you spotted a few weeks ago was.





I love this top, great colours, and the dress next to it, mainly for the bodice. I’m not sure about the skirt part for my figure but looking at the line drawing it would be easy to attach a different, perhaps more A-line skirt or just not attach the very bottom part at all..



This whole outfit is also super cute, I LOVE the belt. I was worried before checking the cutting layout that it was made from ready pleated material but I see that you pleat and top-stitch it yourself which is great, what I would have done if it wasn’t. Mercifully this saves me a heap of work having to calculate how much fabric I would need and eye balling how wide the pleats are, working out that cute top-stitch detail…because sometimes curious kiwi transforms into obsessive kiwi…



Next up is a super cute top with pin-tucked front panels, a nice detail and I love the suspenders, might have to try that look out for myself (but probably not in white). The top next door also has nice embellishment and while I am not curious at all to sew myself a pair of “harem pants” these have to be one of the better versions I have seen so far.



A super sexy tuxedo look is next, I love the lines of the jacket and the built-in cummerbund on the pant is great. There is no pattern for the top but it wouldn’t be hard to whip it up I think, I love the whole look.




The next section is a little bit of high glamour, fittingly called “Glamorous” and features some really cute retro inspired dresses. Here are two of my favourites, they have really interesting pattern pieces with crazy looking dart placement but really this is another section in which I love every pattern..


Next month promises some “enjoyable spring fashion” just what I’ll need to get me through the first month of winter. Melissa of Fehr Trade has already had her lucky hands on a copy, you can have a sneak peak too and check out her review here. I am jealous and excited all at the same time, I better go stitch up some pants to pass the time until my copy arrives.



So now I’ll leave you with a little wtf? moment: How about this advert from the back page? My Spanish speaking work colleague (yes I know, lucky huh?!) tells me they are for circulation and tired legs…I think we all need a pair, just please (please!) don’t wear them out to the shops!

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And now for something completely different

I have a problem and I blame my mother (but in a good way)

I remember when learning to sew she had this amazing bag of fabric scraps that she had filled up over the years. We were allowed to make things from it and I used many pieces to create clothes for my Barbie & Cabbage Patch dolls, hand-sewing to begin with and then using her Globe sewing machine when I was old enough to learn. So this bag of scraps represents some really nice early sewing memories for me.

And now, 4 years into some serious sewing of my own I have my own bag of fabric scraps. Actually if we’re being honest I have two. One is a bag for quite small scraps that I cannot bear to throw away and then there is a plastic tub for larger scraps, the kind of size that is still foldable (my definition of what is large enough to keep and where each scrap goes is difficult to explain and it’s a fine line that inside my head makes complete and justifiable sense) I don’t want to come across as sounding like a hoarder, I am anything but (the curious kiwi isn’t just a nerd of sewing, she also specialises in higher levels of organisation) but my scraps of fabric tend to be beautiful pieces leftover from sewing projects that I am very proud of.

Now I have a solution and I have someone to blame this on as well (also in a good way). Member watatoe over at BurdaStyle shares with us the most amazing doll clothes that she makes, her work is truly exquisite and it got me thinking about my fabric scrap bag and those early days of sewing for Barbie…then I got on ebay and it was all downhill from there and I do believe it was all helped along by an approaching birthday. So look who arrived in the post the other day, isn’t she beautiful? I have grand illusions of matching Barbie fashions for each of my new sewing projects made from teeny tiny leftover scraps, and who can blame me with amazing vintage Barbie patterns floating around such as these? You’ll notice she came already clothed, that’s a safeguard against the possibility that I will be terrible at sewing in miniature, either way I can adore her and maybe soon I’ll share some cute Barbie fashions with you as well…

BurdaStyle Sewing Club Perth

A little while ago suggested sewers from around the world take up the initiative to meet up and sew together socially. They launched the BurdaStyle Sewing Clubs and its own network on and encouraged members to take charge and start a club with their support. I was really excited to hear this as by then I was buried deep within my sewing nerdyness and beginning to think about looking up Perth sewing clubs. So I patiently waited for someone to post a Perth club…then I ran out of patience and I posted up on the BurdaStyle forums suggesting that I wanted in and was happy to help with the organisation but had nowhere for members to meet. Then Sandra contacted me, she was also interested in running a Perth based BSC and she had the perfect place for us to meet, her very own sewing studio. So together we co-run BSC Perth, WA and it has been amazing beyond our expectations, it’s really great to have friends who truly understand your obsession with fabric/patterns/thread/buttons! We meet once a month, usually on the second weekend and we are always looking for new members. Anyone is welcome so why don’t you join up and come visit us next month? Check out our ning site for a bit more info or email me at and I’ll help you get started, hope to meet you soon 🙂

(left to right: Melissa, Deborah, Sarah, Gill, Jayne, Rachel (visiting from the Melbourne CBD club), Vanessa, Sandra & Melissa)

Patrones 290 (March 2010)

Originally posted April 18th 2010:

Hello again, I’ve had my Patrones 290 issue for about 2 weeks so I’ve been a bit slack posting about it but not because there isn’t anything to write about, this is another great issue.

I think because I am currently in denial that Winter is almost here the bright fun summer patterns are helping me continue to cling to the remnants of Summer. This issue contains a lot of cute shorts and a section dedicated to trousers & pants but the tops and dresses are currently top of my list.

First up the cover blouse which I have looked forward to since the sneak peak in last months issue and I am not disappointed. The cute floral fabric is nice but hides some great detailing and I can see me making this blouse in a plain or patterned fabric.

I really like this top because of a failed attempt at a similar top from the Burda magazines. It ended up as a large rectangle of fabric and looked awful on me. I realise now I need to look more closely at the line drawings to determine that there are at least some darts or princess seaming to help give the garment some shape for me and this pattern ticks those boxes, now to see if I can selvage enough fabric from my previous failed attempt…

I love the entire next section titled “Colour & Sensuality” it makes me feel brave enough to work in bright colours and this first blouse it amazing. I am a bit hooked on the BurdaStyle JJ blouse but after two I am not sure if I can get away with making another so this Patrones pattern might be the answer, it’s different enough and has great detailing for a plain but brightly coloured cotton.

A small concession to approaching Winter this cute jacket has such nice sleeves and I like the elastic waist and I like the idea of wearing it open with a belt on top, very Gok.

Another dress with great bodice detailing, this one gives us some amazing smocking and while I wouldn’t usually go for this style the cinching ribbon at the waist makes me think I could just about pull this off, so I just might try

These shorts one of my favourites in this issue, I really like the pleating detail and cuff and look great with the chunky belt

The next issue previews shows us a Fashion Fiesta themed cover promising “dresses for day and night”, “The new Tuxedo” and “wedding dresses”, should be another great issue.

Patrones 289 (February 2010)

So I originally began posting a small write-up of the Patrones magazines over on but the formatting was awful and my words kept getting bumped together and crazy extra spaces and random font changes drove me mad so I thought I would re-post them here as my future magazine reviews will be posted here from now on so you can collect the whole set! 🙂

Originally posted March 4th 2010 (excuse the formatting):

I thought I’d write a bit of a blog here (I don’t have my own, but I am toying with the idea of starting one) about something that I got very excited about this week, my Patrones magazine arrived. It’s the second in my first ever 1 year subscription but since the first issue was children’s clothes and I do not have children this magazine feels like the first all of my own. There seems to be very little information available for Patrones and also La Mia Boutique magazines (which I have also subscribed to), especially for us sewers outside of Europe. So I thought I’d write a little about this issue here to inspire anyone else and help those thinking of subscribing.
Let me know if you are interested, I’ll be happy to post info on future issues as I get them.

(Click on any images to see full-sized)

There is a lot to like in this issue but considering we have just been through a heat wave where our weekend temperatures barely dropped below 42 degrees Celsius (and my air-con was broken) it’s no wonder I am drawn first off to 4 amazing summer dresses.

I am currently sewing the Butterick 5454 wrap dress, my first wrap dress ever so I love this sophisticated version
and I hope I can find some similar amazing fabric to make my own version of this dress (#10) on page 12.

I also love this shift style dress (#11) on page 13, I’ve seen some lovely light linen that is perfect for it. Even though I am not sure about the style suiting my figure I can also see it as a dress to pull over the bikini at the beach or beside the pool.

This fabric is haunting me. I first saw it at my local Spotlight and hummed and hawed over buying it. It’s a printed satin with insects all over, from butterflies to locusts, in the end I worried it was a bit weird for me and left it behind. Since then I have seen a curiously similar dress on Gok’s Fashion Fix and now in this! Needless to say it’s no longer at Spotlight so guess I’ll have to hope  it comes back in next season. I’ve been after a cute halter maxi for a while to make up in a printed cotton I got when I visited home (Wellington, NZ – fabric is the best souvenir) last year so this dress (#12) on page 15 is on my list too, although it looks like I’ll need to get hold of one of those fantastic “U” bras first, phew, that bust line is seriously low!

I love this dress’ bodice (#15) on page 20, the pleating looks wonderful and I love the empire cut, and it’s the kind of dress that could be in a casual summery fabric like it is shown here or made up in something a bit sparkly with some wonderful heels to become an evening dress.

As with Burda the Patrones magazine has a Plus sized section also, I really like this dress (#67) on page 50, the cute wrap style belt and pleated front looks very flattering and has   trying to grade it down to my size. Overall I am super pleased with this magazine issue and I am also looking forward to next month, it is a Joven issue (“Young”) and the last one I saw at a club meet   of patterns that I liked also. They give us a little peak of the cover in the back, the blouse looks sweet and it looks like the beach in the background so perhaps some more fun summer styles? We’ll see…

So it begins…

So I’m succumbing to peer pressure and staring a little blog. I’m not really sure how much I’ll have to say but I’d love to share a bit of my take on sewing with anyone interested. It’ll be a bit of a mess for a bit while I work out exactly what I am doing so please bear with me. I think that’s about it for now, you’ll get to know me more as we go along, but for now find me on BurdaStyle here and my Perth sewing club here, but more on that later…