Patrones 291 (April 2010)

I am really enjoying the Patrones magazines, their selection in my opinion is much more inspiring and fashion-forward than Burda right now, a sentiment I know many of you will share with me and to be honest, if I had not found a cheaper and faster way to get Burda direct from Germany then I would not have renewed my Burda subscription. I would have been quite happy with my monthly supply of Patrones and the odd Burda issue from the newsagent. I wonder what I’ll be thinking in 11 months time when my Burda subscription comes up again for renewal? We shall see I guess, but anyway, on to the good stuff:

The index no longer shows the entire magazine contents so you need to flick through to remember where that amazing dress you spotted a few weeks ago was.





I love this top, great colours, and the dress next to it, mainly for the bodice. I’m not sure about the skirt part for my figure but looking at the line drawing it would be easy to attach a different, perhaps more A-line skirt or just not attach the very bottom part at all..



This whole outfit is also super cute, I LOVE the belt. I was worried before checking the cutting layout that it was made from ready pleated material but I see that you pleat and top-stitch it yourself which is great, what I would have done if it wasn’t. Mercifully this saves me a heap of work having to calculate how much fabric I would need and eye balling how wide the pleats are, working out that cute top-stitch detail…because sometimes curious kiwi transforms into obsessive kiwi…



Next up is a super cute top with pin-tucked front panels, a nice detail and I love the suspenders, might have to try that look out for myself (but probably not in white). The top next door also has nice embellishment and while I am not curious at all to sew myself a pair of “harem pants” these have to be one of the better versions I have seen so far.



A super sexy tuxedo look is next, I love the lines of the jacket and the built-in cummerbund on the pant is great. There is no pattern for the top but it wouldn’t be hard to whip it up I think, I love the whole look.




The next section is a little bit of high glamour, fittingly called “Glamorous” and features some really cute retro inspired dresses. Here are two of my favourites, they have really interesting pattern pieces with crazy looking dart placement but really this is another section in which I love every pattern..


Next month promises some “enjoyable spring fashion” just what I’ll need to get me through the first month of winter. Melissa of Fehr Trade has already had her lucky hands on a copy, you can have a sneak peak too and check out her review here. I am jealous and excited all at the same time, I better go stitch up some pants to pass the time until my copy arrives.



So now I’ll leave you with a little wtf? moment: How about this advert from the back page? My Spanish speaking work colleague (yes I know, lucky huh?!) tells me they are for circulation and tired legs…I think we all need a pair, just please (please!) don’t wear them out to the shops!

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11 thoughts on “Patrones 291 (April 2010)

  1. Hi, I just subscribed to your blog, so I’m perusing about and read this post about Patrones 291, I really liked one of the dresses, I’m looking to make something for an upcoming wedding. Are you interested in selling the issue? I asked b/c although I searched online it’s a bit too old and they didn’t have it anymore. Thanks, and btw I love your blog looking forward to reading all the rest of your post. 🙂

  2. Hiya,

    I found your blog a week or so ago – and have been meaning to ask, where did you find the cheaper subscription to Burda please? I can get single issues, but being so far behind can drive me bonkers 🙂
    And thank you so much for the information about subscribing to Patrones – I am quite liking that magazine. Also, thank you for previewing them – it is great to look at the up coming issues 🙂

    From one Perth-ite to another,
    Cheers, Liz

    • H Liz, sorry to not reply to you earlier, something has happened to my notifications and I only just found all these comments on my blog, wow, people are out there reading my ramblings 🙂 Ok, on to Burda, I emailed this address in March and asked for a price for a 1 year subscription posted to Australia in ENGLISH to begin with the May issue. They emailed me back asking for credit card details and postal address, it is about 70 Euros. So I emailed everything back and then heard nothing for ages, I was getting a bit worried since I had cancelled my old subscription and then earyl in May that issue just showed up, yay for the efficient Germans! This is a much cheaper option than iSubscribe or MagShops 1 year subscriptions which cost AUD$170 ($14.16 per issue) and are 3 months behind. 70 Euros is about AUD$99 ($8.25 per issue), goodluck with your subscription 🙂 xx Now Miss Perth-ite have you seen our BSC Club? We’d love you to come along sometime, let me know if you would like some more info.

      • Thanks for that 🙂

        I have just sent off for a Knipmode sub, so I will see how that goes first (overcoming that language barrier can be frustrating lol).
        I did email for Patrones, but they wanted CC details, address and passport or other ID. And my darling hubby refuses to send CC via email, so they are out lol Plus they were slightly more expensive than what I currently pay 🙂

        I did see the BSC Club – but couldn’t see where you held it?

        Cheers, Liz!

        • Oh Knipmode, I’ve seen few of them, they’re quite good. I’ve been looking into Manequim also 🙂 Another commenter said that Patrones had asked her for more info too and I find it a bit weird, I never had to give my DOB or passport info so they must have changed that.
          We meet in Malaga on the second weekend of each month, our next meet is August 15th our 1 year birthday so it’s going to be a special one. If you’d like to keep informed you can join our ning page here or if you think you can make it email me here and I can give you more info on what’s going to happen and when/where 🙂

  3. Oh that’s odd, they never asked me for that information, maybe they have been having problems with overseas payments? I think credit card details are just fine, that’s plenty of identification. Maybe just send you CC details and DOB but you could always say you don’t have a passport, or see what they say?

  4. Hello again!

    I have received my email from Patrones and I just wanted to ask you a question. They have asked me to supply my DOB and Passport number along with the payment which I find to be quite odd, and something I am not willing to do.

    Can I ask if you were also asked to provide such private details?

    Thanks again for all your help, time and inspiration!!



  5. Hi

    I was just browsing through sewing blogs and I came across yours! to which I have now subscribed!!

    Living in Australia I find it really difficult to get my hands on sewing magazines, the choice is very limited and it is very expensive to get subscriptions – if you can find them!!

    Are you able to provide me with the details of who you get your Patrones subscription through??

    I look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you do



    • Hi Chrystal,
      I know exactly what you mean! I live in Perth right now and it is so frustrating! I came across Patrones completely by accident online one day and it’s been the best discovery ever! I subscribe direct through the publisher RBA Edipresse, it is the cheapest and quickest way to get your hands on your issues. Send an email to asking about a 1 year subscription to Australia, they will send you back an email with a price, around 80-100 euros. You can send them your credit card details or do a direct deposit into their bank account. Next you’ll get a letter in the mail and it will be in Spanish but basically it is just confirming your subscription and letting you know that unless you cancel they will keep sending you magazines (fine by me!) and then the goodness begin to arrive. I get each issue around the 2nd of each month and I am 1 month behind but so far they have been great!
      Thank you so much to subscribing to me, I am about to post about issue 292, I hope it inspires you 🙂

      Thank you so much to subscribing to me, I am about to post about issue 292, I hope it inspires you 🙂

      • Thank you so much for the info… I have just sent off the email now!!

        Now to just find the time to get sewing!

        Thanks Again 🙂

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