Give a designer some carpet tiles and a mannequin…

While at Saturday in Design I was invited to a cocktail function in the evening at Zambesi where InterfaceFLOR had set up their entry for the SiD competition called THE PROJECT. Designers, architects and participating showrooms collaborate to enter and this years keyword was MOTION. The InterfaceFLOR entry was called Dekonstrukt/Rekonstrukt. Designers were encouraged to dekonstrukt then rekonstrukt InterfaceFLOR carpet materials into unique art installations. I use a lot of InterfaceFLOR product in my jobs and they are always keen to push how designers think about the flooring and the floor (The 5th Wall) and support any crazy design idea I might have. Their entry was really inline with their company thinking and I loved all the different “emotions” each designer produced. I took a few photos to share because as you will see they are quite relevant.

FYI: InterfaceFLOR won the competition. See more entires, extra photos, entrants names and general infomation on InterfaceFLORs The 5th Wall Blog.


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