Self Stitched September – Day 1

September snuck up pretty quick didn’t it? I feel a little dupped to be honest, like when I wasn’t looking someone stole a month out of my calendar. I also feel very unprepared. I had intended to get a lot of sewing done the last two months and instead I have done almost none. But no worries, Self Stitched September is happening and I am a part of it and I will do my best. I’m not going to post an update for you everyday, that will end up very boring, very quickly since my Self Stitched pool is pretty small. I’ll do a weekly round up instead and try to be as inventive as possible and perhaps this month will really show me what is truly missing from my little capsule wardrobe. I suspect it will also push me to finish those 4 or 5 items I have not completed for no particular reason.

Believe it or not I do actually sew, not that I’ve really done any since starting my blog, life has been getting in the way a little bit. My New Years Resolution was to increase the amount of me made clothes and as such I have not purchased a single new item of clothing this year (excluding under garments of course!), but I have acquired a lot of sewing patterns and fabric so its time to start seriously eating into my stash. I have a few items planned for this month and I hope to share them with you soon.

But on to today, here I am at work, next to my best friend Mr Large Format Copier. Today I am wearing my Zoe dress with purchased blouse from Portmans, tights from David Jones and shoes from Betts. I love this dress, even if lining up the plaid was almost my undoing, it is so comfortable to wear I should really make a second one in a different fabric. I highly recommend the pattern but be sure to add some vertical darts in the front to give a better fit under the bust.


4 thoughts on “Self Stitched September – Day 1

  1. The famous photocopier! Self Stitched September sounds really interesting. See you at the BSC meeting next week (I’ll be picking your brains about Melb fabric shops – I’m off there in a couple of weeks – the Fabric Store looks particularly interesting).

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