A win for the people – See? We can make a difference!

At the end of last month Jacqueline of Home Made Couture noticed that B/M/V had decided that their international shipping rates needed to go up, and by up, I mean SKY HIGH!

My usual purchase is around 7 patterns and costs me $25 (USD) in shipping which was fine when they are on sale, the average cost is still so much cheaper than what we pay here in the shops. So I’ll buy 7 patterns, usually averaging $2.99 each, that’s about $45 to my door, $6.40 each, not bad considering I’ll pay between $15 & $25 at my local shop, plus my petrol and effort.

However now B/M/V had hiked shipping for this order to $40! Completely ridiculous, I was not impressed so as my work colleague K would say I “got out the template” and wrote them a letter to let them know exactly how I felt about it. I mean, really, it’s bad enough that we get the patterns in the shops here at hugely inflated prices and 6 – 9 months behind, then don’t get me started on the fact that after you drive there you better cross your fingers they even have the patterns you want in your size. I was quite polite but I did end with something along the lines, “I’ll be taking my custom to sewingpatterns.com from now on since they continue to charge a reasonable shipping rate and have regular sales also”

…deep breath…

I didn’t expect a reply, and I didn’t get one. I also didn’t expect them to listen but clearly plenty of you felt the same and you let them know about it so if you haven’t received the update yet, international shipping rates are back to where they were pre-pattern-war-rage…I wasn’t even going to bother blogging this, then this morning I got this in my inbox…

…and it gave me a little smile…chalk up +1 win for the International pattern hoarders amongst us.


2 thoughts on “A win for the people – See? We can make a difference!

  1. Hi Melissa! I left another comment on your magazine post, but have just discovered your post on fabric shops in Melbourne! Can’t tell you how awesome that post is… This is so timely for me; Thankyou!

    • I’m so glad you’ll find it helpful, I had the BEST time in Melbourne, you will love fabric shopping there 🙂 I wish I could have checked out a few other shops in the outer suburbs but I was limited by transport and time, the ones I wrote about will keep you happy I am sure, have a good time and make sure you let me know how you get on.

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