Self Stitched September – Week 2 round-up – complete with FREE pattern alerts!

I’m posting early this week because I feel like I have written waaaay too much to include the weekend as well, not bad for someone who never thought she’d have enough interesting things to say to start a blog!

I’ll hopefully have some completed outfits to share after Sunday since our BSC club meet this month is all about reducing the UFO pile. If you’re in Perth why don’t you join us?

6th – I was  overly optimistic today, the weather man said 21 so I went straight for the summer dresses then I looked at the thermometer and added a singlet underneath cheerily remarking to my fiancé, “It’s going to be 21 today!” I’m not really sure if it ever made it to 21 but I had my legs out anyway, in my super comfy Lodi shoes from Zomp and my wrap-dress, it’s a Butterick pattern #5454. I also made this dress in a black cotton knit with the 3/4 sleeves but the pleats look very unflattering in a plain colour so I am going to try stitching them down to see if it helps (it’s currently in the UFO pile), perhaps you will see it later this week or next.

7th – I haven’t even posted this entire outfit to BurdaStyle yet because I wear it so often it’s always in the wash! Another Jenny skirt with another version of blouse #108 from Burda 01/2008, this time in black. I should have worn tights and I regretted that later in the day when the rain hit us. My shoes are by Chie Mihara and I got them from Zomp, they are the most comfiest pair of shoes I own. Chie worked in an orthopaedic shoe store and studied foot anatomy and common foot problems, all her shoes are beautiful, I am such a fan!
Wish list: Want, Love, Yummy!

8th – Another new top today, from Burda 2/2009 #108, this is from 100% NZ merino that I got in Melbourne. I used to have a purchased top identical to this (but in much less luxurious fabric) and I wore it until it fell off of me so as soon as I saw this fabric I knew I it would end up as this top. I wear it with my Twinkle skirt (FREE pattern alert!!), Joanne Mercer boots (I told you I LOVE them) black tights and a beady necklace from my friend K when she went to Bali. I did blow dry my hair all nice a wavy and big this morning but I’m not really sure why I bothered, the weather is windy and damp and that was the end of that 😉

9th – I have the grey Jenny skirt out again today, it is such a great wardrobe staple. This Jenny actually began life as a sleeveless Danielle dress (FREE pattern alert!) of which I had grand ideas for altering and making into a dress I saw on someone in the street. I drew a sketch and even went as far as making up a muslin of the bodice changes but alas when I began making it in the “good” fabric it just looked terrible on me, it looked like a kiwi trying on an elephants skin! Front pleats coupled with princess style is not my friend but luckily because of those front pleats I had plenty of fabric to salvage for this skirt. A good thing too because I remember it wasn’t cheap. Today I pair it with my other JJ blouse (another FREE pattern alert!). The great thing about this blouse is the fabric, it is the most incredible quality Japanese cotton that I got from one of Tessuti’s Sydney stores. It was not cheap but well worth it, I never have to iron it!! An important consideration with the JJ blouse and it’s numerous ruffles.

If you are looking for a good basic blouse pattern (and FREE!) you should check out the JJ, you don’t have to add the ruffles if you don’t want too, without them it looks great too, it’s just a fantastic fitting blouse with beautiful princess seams and a nice stand up collar for something a bit different. Go check out the 110+ amazing BurdaStyle member versions NOW.

10th – Here’s an oldie for you, I don’t wear this top much any more, not really sure why, I do quite like it, nice and comfy. It is Tunic 103B from Burda WoF 03/2007 worn with some Levi’s and heels and with the break in the rain I thought we’d do an outside photo on the fire stairs.

How are you enjoying the random tour of my workspace? 🙂


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