Self Stitched September – Week 3 round-up

I was not well over the weekend so not much sewing happened then but my sewing room now looks pristine. I find when I am not feeling well enough to sew I just potter about in my room and tidy it up then when I am better I can just hit the machines and get on with my projects.

11 – So after a bit of a tidy I did a little hand stitching on my Butterick top, stitching the tab loop closed after inserting through the little holes in the front and because it all looked a little bulky and I couldn’t work out how it could possibly look good on me I pinned it onto my (still yet to be named) dress dummy. Not too bad, now all it needs is the back.

12 – Today my BSC club had a UFO Sew day, where we all worked on items we had thrown into the uncompleted pile. I finally attached the straps to my Cindy bathing suit so I can wear it this Summer (it looks a little funny on the dress form, my camera does this stupid wide angle thing so it’s all a bit top heavy looking in this image but it looks much better on me, photos of it in action to follow one day, promise) and I also sewed the pleats down on the black wrap dress which I wore on Monday.

13 -It’s wrap dress Monday! Here is the black version of the wrap dress pattern by Butterick #5454, I took this photo at home after a long awful day at work with a thumping headache so excuse the pained expression. I am still not happy with the fit of this dress at the back, the pleats just don’t look right, I might actually unpick the whole bottom part and take out the back pleats completely…or maybe I’ll just make this wrap dress next instead, ohh, a newy from Colette, I love her patterns! Shoes from Betts.

14 – I was feeling a bit casual today so I’m in store bought pants (that really need to be retired) with my strawberry JJ. I had a great lunch with my friend A in the city today, I ate curry and managed to not get any on myself, yay. Shoes from Nine West.

15 – Another day of 21 degrees so it’s legs out again 🙂 This is my shirt dress #105 from Burda 2/2009 and I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it because I love the fabric and the overall style but the front pockets have this bad habit of gaping and adding a bit of puff to the tum tum area. It makes me feel really self-conscious and am constantly tugging at the front so that it sits flat when I stand up. This weekend I have decided the pockets are coming out and getting sewn shut.

16 – New top day! So I finally hemmed the Butterick top and now it is complete. I really like it, the heavy jersey drapes really nicely and I think it’s quite flattering. I can see a blingy sequin version being made for going out. The weather is definitely heating up now for Summer, they forecast 22 for today so my work colleagues and I decided lunch outside would be a nice treat.

17 – I really love this outfit, I feel really comfortable and confident in it. Apologies for the fuzzy photos, I had my work area to myself today so no one to take my photo, therefore I had to stand in the messiest corner since it was the only area with a shelving unit opposite high enough to put my camera on.
You’ve seen these items before, but not together. A goal of my me-made wardrobe is to be more clever about making items that go with lots of other items I have made already because sometimes I am a bit of a fashion retard and there are days when I just need to be able to grab two items and stick them on. Also I have this bad habit of making a skirt or top (and in this case Jacket) out of a really nice print or bright colour but have nothing to go with it. Well here are a couple of nice neutrals hanging out together for Friday with my Stella again because I love it. The two recently made merino tops are a great start towards neutrals that match in with my crazies non-neutrals.

Halfway through SSS and I think I am doing ok. I’m not totally sick to death of my me-made wardrobe and I’m actually enjoying the challenge, it’s got me out of a bit of a sewing rut and back in front of my machines and digging around in my filing cabinet and through my fabric shelves for the next project.

Want to hear something scary? One of my reps today mentioned it’s only 12 weeks until Christmas, aaarrrrgggghhhh! 😀


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