Self Stitched September – Week 4

Phew this is a long month! I just realised there is a 5th week, even if it is only 4 days long.

18th & 19th – I spent the weekend working on my fiancés Stinchcomb jacket. Here is a pic of the muslin I made to test the sizing, it’s rough and dirty but it gave me the information I needed, and a picture of some of my progress, I’m taking my time because I want to do a really good job for my boy.  All the interfacing took forever, hence why it doesn’t seem like much progress has been made. I have to admit, I am also a bit freaked out by the welt pockets. I am quite happy to give them a go and I know I can do a good job of them so I started out following the instructions provided with the Stinchcomb pattern and then I noticed a link on the page to a tutorial with completely different instructions. They seemed much more straight forward and it’s nice to see actual photos for this kind of technical construction but it links to a different pattern and I am hoping that all the measurements will be the same. I think I will do a trial run first in calico, it won’t take long to whip it up as a test during the week, I’ll let you know how I get on.

20th – I cheated today, an outfit repeat, although I didn’t promise not to repeat outfits, I wore this previously during Week 3 on the 16th, my new Butterick top and same pants, boring I know but I was tired and not able to engage my brain this morning. You will probably see a few more repeats this week since I haven’t gotten much new sewing done. Today I took my photo outside at home with my new toy, a remote control for my camera, yay!

21st -I rode my bike into work today, it was so sunny and nice all day long, Summer is well on it’s way. My wrap dress was perfect for the beautiful weather and light too for carrying in my bag on my back. My bike is quite dirty because I went mountain biking on Sunday, I also sport a new bruise on my right arm thanks to a tree that jumped out at me.

22nd – Comfy Jenny skirt today with my Strawberry JJ, I didn’t think they would go together when I first made them now I think they look ok. I intended to change into my sandals that I left at work but instead I left on these heels and I felt quite feminine today. You might be able to see my pretty bruise, it doesn’t hurt any more but it is a nice shade of purple to offset the lovely pink strawberries.

23rd – Another repeat today but I love these two together, comfy and perfect for spring, I also have on a funky bracelet, another Bali pressie from K, definitely my kind of colours. Apart from earrings (which I occasionally forget I can change!) I am a bit of an accessory noob so I’ve been trying some new things lately. My earrings are by Dinosaur Designs, my leaving present from the girls when I finished up at my first job here in WA, they are one of my favorites.

24th – Ahh Friday, finally, this week has taken forever, I am wearing that top again that I always forget I made. The weather is getting beautifully warm but it is still cool in the shade, perfect for light pants short sleeved tops.

We have a long weekend coming up now so I plan to make some serious progress on the Stinchcomb jacket, I need to get it finished by next weekend so that I can move on to the next big project, but more on that another time.


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