Potter Textiles Outlet Shop

Last Friday I went for a walk with a friend to check out a new fabric shop, Potter Textiles Outlet. Well, I’m not really sure if it’s that new, the outlet part is fairly new, but it was new to us anyway. It was worth the walk, we were far from disappointed but more importantly it is dangerously close to my work (as in I can make it there and back by foot during my 1 hour lunch break with plenty of time in between for purchasing)!

Image borrowed from Vanessa, thanks! 🙂

They have a small but well edited range of fabrics on the bolt and also a good sized remnant table with bagged fabric ranging from 1 – 3 meters and starting at $5 per bag. In the foreground of the image above you can also see the “scrap” bags that are $3 each and contain a mix of beautiful smaller fabric pieces.

I had a nice chat with the guy who served us and he said that at the moment they are clearing out older stock bolts and when they finish with that fabric should change around every month or so. This may also mean a small price increase as the new stuff starts cycling through but based on their current prices I’ll still be visiting. I saw some beautiful silk for only $12.95/m and jersey for $9.95/m that was really nice in print and weight. All the fabrics are amazing quality and well labelled with their content and country of origin.

Here’s what I came away with:

Starting on the left,  a really nice light-weight printed cotton, it has an amazing cross hatch pattern weave through the white and the print makes me think of fireworks, $9.95/m. In the centre, some cotton I got from the remnant table, just a really nice print and colour combo, I currently have this thing for large flower prints, have you noticed? It was $10 for 2 meters. On the right, some jersey, great weight, amazing large format print, only $12.95/m. I could have bought home a whole lot more but I really love the pieces I chose.

Potter Textile Outlet Shop
12 Macewan Street, West Leederville, 6007
3 Auckland Street, North Perth, 6006
Mon – Fri, 10am – 4pm

I know their hours are limiting but please take my advice and find some time to go down and check it out, if we can support them, maybe they’ll open for a few hours on Saturday. Perth finally has another really great fabric store for us to worship.


8 thoughts on “Potter Textiles Outlet Shop

  1. I read about Potters in the ASG magazine today then Googled it and it came up with your website – really good. Did you know that Fabric Gallery in Greenwood has CLOSED! They had lots of daywear type fabrics so I will miss it a lot 😦 I haven’t been yet but next week is a must. I won’t but anything (ha!) just looking. Really. Well try not to anyway.

    • I know! They merged with Fabulous Fabrics in Balcatta but I haven’t been for about 2 months so I don’t know if they are getting their fabrics in as well, I do know they took on some of their staff. I used to do a big fabric shopping loop via all my stores up to Greenwood, thank goodness now we have Potters, it is AMAZING and great prices! Our sewing Club is meeting there tomorrow (Saturday) @ 1:30pm, they are opening the store just for us, you are welcome to join in too, meet a few other Perth seamstresses 🙂

  2. Well, all I can say is… ABOUT time.

    I get so tired or those E.State girls talking about their fab fabric buys and how little they paid for it.
    Buying online is great – but I miss the touchy-feely part of it.

    If only I didnt live soooo far away. Leederville is a day trip for me.
    But I muse go there.


    • Thanks for stopping by Catherine 🙂 Potter’s really does fill a big gap in our little Perth fabric market and it sounds like they are getting heaps of support, now we can gloat about our great quality and great price fabric finds too! Hehe. Find the time, you won’t regret it and you can have lunch at Jean Claudes before the return trip home will all your gorgeous fabric xx

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