Self Stitched September – Finale

Here is my complete calendar for the whole month of Self Stitched September.

Overall I really enjoyed the challenge and realised my little capsule wardrobe is not as lacking as I thought. I also learnt which items I truly love, which I need to do more work on and I am already re-planning my (long) wish list around this whole experience. You’ll notice the month began in almost Winter like conditions, had a burst of Summer in the middle but now we have settled down into our proper Spring.

(click for larger image)

Here is the week 5 round-up:

25th – 27th – I spent the entire (long) weekend working on my partners Stinchcomb jacket. After the amazingly successful welt pockets (of which I made 5 in a row – two on the outside with flaps, one for the handkerchief pocket and two inside pockets) I wanted to make a big dent in the overall construction and lining so I could check the final fit. Crucially, I was also given a deadline, Monday October 4th. I used this tutorial for the welt pockets and they worked a treat, I highly recommend it.

28th – So you may have noticed I cheated today. I did dress 100% in me-made clothing but I was rushing around all day and I didn’t get a chance to photograph it. Instead I have made you a montage of what I wore. Because I had a semi-work function on in the evening I wanted to be comfy (read: confidant) but professional looking so I went with my trusted JJ and Jenny combo that you’ve seen before.

29th – Another riding day, do you like my toe nails, hot pink, a nice contrast to my grubby riding shoes (how embarrassing) but I promise I didn’t wear those all day, I did bring heels. Here I am about to change to ride home, I wear my merino Simplicity top with purchased Portmans skirt. It’s quite old now and a little too big for me but I love how this skirt is panelled. It is very close to being unpicked and copied, probably some time soon, nearer to Christmas when I have some free time, maybe I’ll share it with you.

30th – Last day of Self Stitched September and I was caught out with a sudden change in cooler weather, we even got a brief (but hard) bit of rain so I grabbed my other merino top and purchased trousers and because I was feeling a bit dull looking I threw on a favourite scarf/wrap that was a gift from my work colleague E when she went to Dubai, it is a beautifully soft cashmere silk blend and great for adding colour to a plain outfit.

Wow, that’s it, phew 🙂

This weekend I worked ferociously on my fiancées jacket and finished the last bit of hand-stitching at 10pm last night. This project really pushed the limits of my sewing skills but I enjoyed the journey and it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. A large chunk of credit goes to my fiancée who picked the fabrics, turns out he has a good eye for it. The sleeves are a tiny bit tight so I will have to fix that (it’ll be super easy thank goodness) then I promise you finished photos soon and a bit more of my blathering on about the pattern and process.


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