A little (ok, tiny) bit of gratuitous sewing

With summer approaching here in WA the sun has now begun visiting us at 5:20am. Couple that with increasingly hotter evenings making it hard to get a good nights sleep, now it’s impossible to even get a decent weekend sleep in. After a particularly bad nights sleep I decided to take matters into my own hands and whipped up a couple of eye masks.

I made a pattern by holding paper up to my face and drawing a shape that vaguely resembled a face mask. I used black fleece (from the winter discount bin, woohoo, 50c/meter!) for the inner face and a fat quarter for the outer. I covered the elastic to make it look nice and there you go. The hardest bit of the whole lot was choosing which fat quarter to use!

I made one for my boy too, thinking that if I didn’t he would want one too and end up stealing mine no matter how pink I make it. I used left over fabric scraps from this project, I really didn’t expect him to use it but he does.

They aren’t perfect yet. I think I’ll add another layer of fleece to mine and the elastic needs to drop down a bit but overall job well done.


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