And they’re racing…

On Tuesday work stopped completely for about two and a half hours to watch some horses run around an egg shaped track (you know I thought it was an oval but it’s not?! Clearly I am not a horsey girl) and eat far too much celebratory food.

Here are the horses I pulled from the hat in our office stakes. Once Were Wild led for almost the entire race but fell away in the last 100m. At least this year I actually saw my horse and got to do some yelling at our tiny office TV.

You might remember I mentioned sneaking a bit of extra sewing in during my wedding dress project for this event. All the girls in my office decided to put the boys to shame this year and do some proper dressing up. Fascinators, dresses and heels, the works, I mean why not, when else do you get to wear a fascinator all day without getting strange looks? Personally I think it should be compulsory office attire because it was super fun and we all looked fabulous!

Anyway, here’s a quicky picture of me in my dress, it’s a Patrones pattern and I documented the thinking/construction process so that I could share it with you in the hopes of helping other sewers who, like me, are addicted to pattern magazines in languages other than their own. I promise to share it soon, I just have to magic up so some extra spare time.


Wedding dress update: I still do not have fabric or shoes but that will all change this weekend, cross your fingers for me. In similar news I just received this fantastic  book on CD by Susan Khalje, it’s called Bridal Couture but it also covers formal evening wear and it is amazing. I learnt a few things just quickly flicking through it during my lunch break and I can see me using this as a resource for years to come.


6 thoughts on “And they’re racing…

  1. Hiya! Question re CD – is it just a PDF file of the book? I.e., could I take it to officeworks and get it printed? I like hard copies and the printed books are tres exy!! 🙂

  2. Love the fascinator! I often overdress in my very casual boy-geek office, but not really to racing day standards! 🙂

    I loved Bridal Couture and it was seriously indispensable when I was sewing my gown earlier this year. She covers pretty much everything – you’re going to learn SO much!!

    • I dress fairly professional everyday in case the boss decides to spring a surprise client meeting on me but I really enjoyed making the extra effort…now I have that out of my system I can concentrate on my wedding dress. Your amazing efforts have bolstered my confidence and I am so glad I got Susan’s CD!

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