A new strategy: November 2010 Burda Mash-Up

I’m getting desperate now, my November Burda arrived but still no Manequim or Patrones (although they did send me a renewal notice asking for money!)


So not much magazine love for me this month.

I’ve been flicking through the newest Burda over and over instead and it occurred to me that I always see patterns I want to make then forget about them. I’ve flicked through a few other magazines recently and found myself thinking, “Oh yes, I remember wanting to make that dress!” Part of the problem is that my magazines arrive in the wrong season, it’ll be 42 degrees outside (that’s about 107 degrees Fahrenheit) and the issue is full of (beautiful) wool coats, ugh. But the main reason is that I can’t sew anywhere near as fast as my magazine addiction’s growth rate.

So I’m starting a new strategy, one that won’t be help me much until I get back from my honeymoon but I am putting it in place now, and I’m going to share it with you.

It’s not the usual Burda review, there are plenty of blogs doing that already. No this is going to be a quick and dirty snapshot of my favourites for the month from each magazine and we are starting with November’s Burda issue, since it is the only new magazine I have right now and the internet makes it so easy to acquire the images.

This is not a promise that I will make every item, by the way, just a way to help me (and maybe you) to remember them all. Something I can pop back to when the appropriate season rolls around.

Here we go:

Burda November 2010

I had trouble liking this issue when I first saw it, it’s all a bit gypsy for me to be honest. But when I look at my selections like this I can see that I do like quite a few items from this issue.

So did I miss anything that YOU love?


8 thoughts on “A new strategy: November 2010 Burda Mash-Up

  1. oh no! This post came up as just a short excerpt in my RSS feed reader. 😦 Could you please check your settings and switch it back to showing full posts? I really hate hate hate excerpt blogs and I’d hate to have to unsubscribe to you. 😦

    And my Manequim subscription doesn’t start until January, so I hope you get yours soon so I can live vicariously through yours until mine starts arriving!

    • Oh no, I agree, I hate that too. I’m not sure why it would have changed but I will check my settings 🙂
      I’m crossing my fingers for a Monday delivery, so desperate for some goodies from Mr. Postman

    • Oh no 😦 maybe you can subscribe? I think their issues are getting much better now, they even do a feature where they put items from that issue with items from recent issues, it’s quite neat.

  2. my pal in madrid sending me nov patrones,, still dont have that bloody burda yet,, i do like your montage,, i presume done in work hours,, reminds me of the ridicoulous xmas cards i did every year, all on company time,, oh and paper, and computer, and laminater etc etc,, off to finish dress, whap the zip in then some wine,, nice motage,, i like the blamange dress,, one poof of wind an it would be up your bum,,,

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