A Weekend of Win

I had such an amazing weekend. It started with a much deserved sleep in followed by a wonderful girls only lunch with a wonderful group of girls. Great food, great wine, great conversation at a great venue (and I even got some unexpected presents which was a nice bonus). I relaxed that afternoon (I even took a nana nap) and then on Sunday I was ready for the big final push for finishing my wedding dress. Enjoying such a fun and carefree day followed by a bit of a recharge (and coupled with that extra bit of pressure as time slips away) really set me up for a great sewing Sunday. I made excellent progress and I am feeling really good. All I have left to do is finish the petticoat tonight (there has been a minor re-design which has thrown me off by a day or two) then I can mark up the hem and that really is it. I’m not so stressed about hand-sewing the hem any more, I did a little test on Sunday afternoon and as long as I am careful it should go well, I’ll just plug away at it a bit each night until it is done.

Here is a little photo recap of my recent progress and a sneaky photo to whet your sewing appetite.

Finally: Shoes!

Nerdy moment: Empty thread spool

There has been A LOT of this!

Sneaky glimpse

6 thoughts on “A Weekend of Win

  1. Ooh Mel – it’s looking so fantabulous! And I’m with Carolyn – that piece of lace (the very modest piece you allowed us to see 😉 is so lovely! Good work – you’re almost there 🙂

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