A little reminiscing

I thought I’d share with you something quite special to me. This is my Mum’s sewing machine, it’s a Globe Cub 3.

Globe Cub 3

This is the machine on which I learnt to sew at a very young age and continued to sew with until I bought my Elna.

All tucked away

My Mum has had this little baby for quite some time. Its body is all metal and very heavy and she still has the original foot and instruction booklet.

Check out its awesome carrying case and I haven’t even mentioned the retro orange and cream colour scheme yet!

So retro, doesn’t it make you smile?

Still in perfect working order with all the accessories I’ve made her promise me she’ll never part with it. I know it’s not the oldest machine and it’s got nothing on my trusty Elna but I’ll always have a place in my sewing heart for it.

Notice the lack of free arm? But you get a little fold out shelf

Thank you for permitting me a little nostalgia, back to your own machines now, off you go 🙂


14 thoughts on “A little reminiscing

  1. Hi! My daughter (14) just bought herself one of these from the Salvation Army, her first sewing machine. We’ve just been looking online for manuals and managed to find one here: http://sewingonline.co.uk/instructions/fristercub3/
    Different name but I’m sure it’s the same machine. It’s a solid wee thing, sews really well (once we got the tension sorted out). I just thought a link to the manual would be useful for other people who come across your post while searching 🙂

    • Hi Jean – I think that probably is the same machine. Frister and Rossman rebranded their machines for the Australia/New Zealand markets as Globe and in America they used the brand names Jaguar and Kenmore. I wonder if someone emigrated here and bought their Frister branded machine with them. I recently acquired a 1951 Bernina, it’s manual is all in German including the original warranty card and I wonder how it got to NZ too. If only the machines could talk 🙂 I hope your daughter enjoys sewing on her Cub, it’s a great machine that I am sure she will have for ages.

  2. Hi – I have this same machine!!! I know your thread is old – but I have TRAGICALLY lost my user book!!! Could you please tell me which settings set it up for a zigzag stitch?! Im desperate as Im fixing a large blanket as a surprise for a friend 🙂

  3. Hello, I have been given a globe cub 3 from my grandmother. But I am struggling with the stitches, not sure if I am threading it wrong or the tension is out? I’m getting loops on the bottom(from the top thread) and the bobbin thread is also very loose 😦 any hints?

    • Hi Tasha – From what I remember the Cub threads pretty similar to most front load bobbin machines. Has the machine been in storage for a while? If you are getting loops top and bottom with it correctly threaded it might need a good service to get the tensioning right. Maybe even a new bobbin case. Then when you pick it up you could ask for a threading lesson. First though, I would give it a good clean and oil. Pull out the bobbin case, hook and race and clean out any gunk and lint. Check to make sure you are inserting the bobbin the right way around. Is it the original bobbin? Some people try and use plastic bobbins in older machines but I find nothing ever works as well as the original metal bobbins. I hope that helps 🙂

  4. Hi I have just brought this model off trade me, I’m not a great sewer I still have to find a manual for it on line, but IF I have a problem working out how to do something or is xxx normal could I ask you as you know how that model runs well even if you have not used it for a while.


  5. My mum has the same machine! It still goes, although both of us are that rusty at our sewing that I don’t know if the tension doesn’t work properly any more or we are just poor at using it. Mum also has an older machine that hides inside its own wooden table and is operated by pumping a foot pedal. I have not been brave enough to try sewing anything on this machine as yet

  6. Thanks for sending me off to my sewing machine but it’s late and I’m not in the mood to sew!:P plus I’ve got a lot to sew which is enticing but a lil heavy on my shoulders…

    I still have my grandma’s pedal sewing machine, made in Romania, Ileana 😀 which has a wooden case as big as a desk and covers it completely – you couldn’t tell there’s a sewing machine inside.. it’s so fun to work with, but after I bought my first electrical machine I guess I couldn’t find the patience to get back to that one… hard to let old ones go, hard to not gather more…

    • My Mum has another machine that operates my moving a lever with your knee, it has an amazing big timber case, sort of inbetween this machine and your grandmas machine. My Nana has two tredles too, they rise out of their tables, very cool and beautifully made. Looks like sewing is in both our families, we never had a chance did we? Hehe 🙂 I’ll have to see if Mum will drag out her knee-operated machine so I can get a photo.

      • Oh yes that would be interesting!- I’ve never heard of a knee operated machine before so I’m curious as a kiwi hehe 😀 ! The Ileana I told you abt also rises out of the table, now it’s head down like a bat for many many years!

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