Burda, Patrones and Manequim, oh my!

Oh my indeed!

Heading back to work after a 2 month break can be pretty depressing…but there’s nothing like finding a whole pile of sewing magazines awaiting you to cheer you up!

Check out these babies:

Ok, so there’s no Patrones, it’s late this month but that doesn’t matter because I had been dying to get my hands on the first magazine of my Manequim subscription for months so of course the first one turned up just after I left the country.

That’s ok Manequim, all is forgiven, because now I have 4 of you!

Just wait until you get a sneak peak inside at all the scrummy sewing goodness.

More to come soon!


4 thoughts on “Burda, Patrones and Manequim, oh my!

    • Thanks Jacquie, it’s good to be back! 🙂 I hope I can catch up with you girls soon xx
      Hey did you miss out on Decembers Manequim too? I haven’t got it, only 2 Novembers and January, weird.

  1. Oh yes, I cannot wait to chose my first item! I have 2 UFOs to finish first then I think I’ll deserve a reward, like a new item from one of the new Manequims 🙂 You are right about them being late recently, I was worried they’d forgotten me.
    I have been a bit disappointed with Burda recently, to be honest I think I won’t re-subscribe when it next comes up. Manequim and Patrones (and even LMB) make me far more excited.

  2. It’s always a great moment when you got a new sewing magazine, what will I make first, how can I transform some patterns?
    The patrones from december arrived mid januari ( lots of coats), but monday I recieved the nr 300, and thats a good issue.They are very late these last months.
    Its been a long time since I bought a Burda, no interesting pattrens, hoping for the march issue,so I ‘am waiting for the Knip next week.
    Have a nice sewing ,reading and fabric dreaming time

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