Manequim 615 (October 2010) – Newest Magazine Obsession

Welcome to my newest magazine obsession: Manequim. This magazine is from Brazil (available only in Portuguese) and has been around for a while. I was first introduced to it through their website which used to offer some of their patterns for free (they still have a few up, check out this link). I have since found a subscription option that suits me and my current worldly location so since I have dropped La Mia Boutique I thought I’d give these guys a go for a year and see what I think.

To see how I subscribe to my various magazines check out the information on my magazine page.

Due to my recent holiday I already had four of these babies waiting for me when I returned. For this first review I will go into a bit more depth than usual to give you a good feel for the magazine and it’s layout since it is quite different to Burda and Patrones.


Manequim is a sort of hybrid fashion/shopping magazine as well as a sewing pattern magazine. They explore the current trends and mix into these their version (with a pattern) of that particular item and others of similar style. This can sometimes make it quite difficult to spot the patterns amongst the ready-to-wear although…

Spot the Patterns

…I do like the section where they mix and match several outfits (This month is Emilio Pucci) using mostly pattern items with a few RTWs. The patterns are generally a really good mimic of the RTWs.












You’ll notice that patterns are provided for items 5 (#385), 6 (#382), 7 (#383) & 8 (#384). I particularly like item #385 and it combines really well with so many other items I wouldn’t have considered so this section rates highly for me.

They also have hair and make-up tips and even a recipe section.


Near the back they put together more looks from the whole magazine, each one incorporates 1 or 2 pattern items and while this gives you some good fashion ideas all it really does is make me spot items I wished they’d have given me a pattern for.

"Ohh I wish they had the pattern for that blouse at the top left!"

I really like that many of the patterns and outfits also show a suggested body type that it would suit best and they give a small run-down of these in the front along with a project difficulty rating.

……. Discover your body type to find the best model for you:

  • Pear: The waist and shoulders are narrower than the hips.
  • Hourglass: The measure of the shoulders and hips is the same, the waist is narrow.
  • Rectangle: Hips, waist and shoulders are virtually the same measurement.
  • Inverted Tria ngle: Shoulders measure larger than the waist and hips.
  • Oval: The waist size is much larger than the shoulders and hips.

…….Models – Know the degree of difficulty of each piece:

  • One Star: Very easy
  • Two Stars: Easy
  • Three Stars: Requires practise
  • Four Stars: Requires lots of practise

Their instructions are typically short, like Patrones or Burda, and colour coded (like LMB) to the pattern sheet. I find it a little difficult with such an image filled magazine to find the patterns I am interested in and since there is no true index (just a general feel for each section and their theme) I often refer to the line drawings in these instructions but I have yet to find the page reference associated with them.

I don’t even want to think about trying to decipher the pattern sheet right now but I am sure it is still no where near as bad as the new Burda sheets.

Typical pattern sheet

Patterns generally come in either 1 or 3 size options so it looks like I will be doing a bit of drafting up/down this year. There is also a plus section and they are quite fashion forward in my opinion. There is no preview of the following month’s magazine.

Pattern sizing, as per usual, is all over the show when compared to Burda or Patrones, here is a chart I prepared to show the differences. Geez, the Patrones waist measurements are tiny!!

Burda v Patrones v Manequim (click to enlarge)

Manequim sizing

Right, onto some more of the patterns that I love from this issue:

I really like this whole section themed “Modern & Feminine” (I am guessing it is based on the style of  Leandra Leal who is a Brazilian actress)





The colours are great and all the items have princess cut seams and look really flattering.





Love this short-sleeved blazer too and in general I’m really glad I subscribed to Manequim. I have 3 other issues to share with you but I’ll space them out over the next few days.


4 thoughts on “Manequim 615 (October 2010) – Newest Magazine Obsession

  1. Hello, Just wondering if you are fluent in Portuguese and if you would recommend getting this magazine if one was completely portuguese illiterate. 🙂

    • Hi! I don’t speak any Portuguese and I don’t have any Portuguese speaking friends either. I am a fairly confident sewist and I’ve made most garment types so I tend to rely on basic construction order and a little bit of Google Translate but it’s very helpful for sewing terms. If you are experienced too then you should be able to work things out as you go as I do. I haven’t sewn a lot from these magazines lately although I do still get Manequim delivered. They’re fun to look through for inspiration too 🙂

  2. Hey are you sure your size chart is correct? I’m looking at Patrones size 48 and I have 104-82-110 for bust-waist-hips. Hmmm! I don’t know if you will see this and that I’ll see your answer because this is an older post. Maybe I’m looking at the chart wrong.

    • I just checked and it is correct, look at the pink numbers for Patrones, a size 48 is 104-82-110. Their waist measurements are pretty tiny compared to the other two, is that what you are questioning? The green numbers are Manequim and yellow is for Burda. If I get time later today I’ll scan the size charts and put them on my goodies/downloads page, I’ve been meaning to do that for all the magazines anyway.

      (PS: I get notification of all comments no matter how old the post is)

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