A change of fabric magic

It’s amazing how fabric can change how you look at a pattern don’t you think?

It happens to me time and again. I see a pattern in the Burda magazine and I think, “meh, it’s alright…” then someone makes an amazing version of it and posts it on BurdaStyle and I spin around in my computer chair to grab my magazine folder to find that very same pattern.

When BurdaStyle released this pattern lots of members loved it…Me? Not so much, I don’t know why, it just wasn’t my thing. It was a bit too wintery and a bit too orange. I’m not one to whine about a new pattern that I don’t like, there are plenty more patterns out there in the big sewing sea so I moved on and kept my $2 for something else.

On the plane home last month I nicked the Qantas magazine (it’s ok, you’re allowed to) because a skirt inside it caught my eye. It seemed vaguely familiar…ok, so now that I’ve gone and looked up the skirt specifically for this post it’s quite a bit different, I forgot the Judy had a plain skirt under and the pleats were only on the over skirt part. My point is that when I saw similar skirt in a lighter weight fabric and in a different palette it made me go back and look for the Judy pattern again. This designer’s name is Dion Lee, a highly acclaimed Australian women’s wear designer and these images are from the Rosemount Australian Fashion Festival 2010.

It’s always good to get a reminder about always trying to see the potential in a pattern.

That Rorschach test dyed dress it quite nice too isn’t it?


4 thoughts on “A change of fabric magic

  1. Ooh, congratulations on you marriage!! When are you going to post a picture of your wedding gown?! No fair, really, keeping us waiting…
    It sounds like a wonderful honeymoon, glad you had a lovely time back home!
    And thank you for your comment on my socks :))

  2. I have the same thought about a pattern in a sewingmag, and then a see something in a fashionmagazine… aha, where its that pattern, and adapt it. Looking trough my piles of fabric and see if I get the spirit, or have the find the wright one.

    • That’s pretty much my staple for copying something I see in a magazine or the shops. I am not at the level where I can draft a pattern from scratch so I will alter one that is similar instead 🙂

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