Spring cleaning in summer

It doesn’t feel like I’ve done much sewing these last two weeks and that’s because I haven’t. I did do some “prep” work this weekend which makes me feel a little bit less lazy.

First of all I reset Scarlett to my true measurements. I had to wind her dials down to get my wedding dress off since she doesn’t have collapsible shoulders or the ability to wriggle like I do in real-life. Hence the finished dress wouldn’t come off of her without some instant weight loss in the bust area 😉

I tidied my sewing room, but that’s nothing special, I am constantly tidying my sewing room, it’s not that I am messy, it’s more that I am neat, if that makes any sense.

Both my machines got a long overdue service. First I pulled apart what I could and vacuumed/brushed all the wedding dress fluff out of them, and then it was new oil and new needles for them both. After I changed the needle on my overlocker (I am only running three-thread at the moment with the right-hand needle) I discovered that the auto-threader didn’t want to work anymore. So I dug the old needle out of the bin and put it back in, sure enough, the auto-threader worked so I swapped needles again and even grabbed a second new one but none of them worked with the auto threader…then I noticed that the old needle seemed to go in a tiny bit further that the new ones, it took me a bit but eventually I tried loosening the left needle screw and the new needle slid up that extra millimeter and whallah! The auto-threader worked, phew! Now both machines are threaded with black, awaiting the next project.


Speaking of next projects, I pulled out three of them, from my UFO pile you’ll be pleased to note. They are the black Kasia skirt (free pattern alert!) I am remaking from a gabardine (50% complete) and a new blouse from some Italian silk I go for a steal at the Joveeba sale ages ago (it is completely cut out but that’s all). It’s a Patrones pattern and will go nice with the Kasia skirt and a few other items in my wardrobe. I also pulled out my grey Kasia, it needs taking in and has been out of my wardrobe rotation far too long (that means some unpicking, yay).

Kasia in progress

Patrones/Joveeba blouse

As for the rest of my UFO pile: My Jeans are currently on hold for about a month, along with my trench coat (that can wait until Winter), it’s just too darn hot! And I want to get these three other items finished quick so I can move onto something new, maybe from a Manequim magazine. I am desperate for some new me-made summer clothing.


3 thoughts on “Spring cleaning in summer

  1. my dress is ready, now I’m lazy abt taking pics:) Glad you like my fabrics, the red with flowers already met my scissors
    I’m waiting and waiting for the dressform too:D maybe now it’s time to straigten up things in my sewing room? (I can’t use the word “clean” coz I won’t get that far 😛 )

  2. It’s so true, I get so caught up in way too many thoughts about way too many projects! 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one!!

    I love that first project and the feeling of sewing on a newly cleaned and oiled machine, it is like new.

    Your fabric is a beautiful print and colour, in fact you seem to find a lot of amazing fabrics, the pink with the flowers is my favourite.

  3. I haven’t done much lately either… most of the time I’ve been thinking abt a dress, but hardly did anything abt it till yesterday… now it takes all my thinking and doing time, I sooo much want to see it done! and I’ve got lots and lots of ideas rushing in my head but I won’t take the time to sketch them and I can predict that once this dress is done I’ll be in Neverland again, undecided abt what to do next…

    congrats for taking your time to clean/oil, feels like a good new beginning isn’t it? again, once this dress is done I wil soooo clean… and I will sooo put that print away for a while, just to see something new, it would be a good change (it’s the 3rd from my “fabric shopping” post)

    Good luck with your new projects, waiting to see the results!:)

    All the best,


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