Dear BurdaStyle magazine

Dear BurdaStyle magazine,

I received my April issue today and your accompanying letter informing me that I had only two issues remaining. Thank you for the heads up, I knew our time together was coming to an end. “It’s not too late, but soon it will be” you said, to re-subscribe for a special price of 86.06€.

Your offer is generous, at the current exchange rate that is $177.74 AUD or approximately $9.81 per issue. Since you are $18.00 at the newsagent you tempt me and I have thought long and hard about it.

I hate to tell you that recently, when your issue has arrived, I take a quick look though, then put you straight into my bookcase and I never feel like looking at you again. I admit I have hocked off several of you on eBay, breaking my neat collection which I never imagined I would do.

My pattern love has shifted, now I long for the next issues of Patrones and Manequim, even with their non-English instructions, they excite me, they get me sewing, they show me trendy future fashion and I crave it. I flick through them over and over and they sit out on my cutting table for weeks on end.

You had your chance to win me back but you failed. BurdaStyle magazine, I am sorry, but I must make a stand, our love affair is over. Goodbye my friend.

Melissa xx


There are a couple of items I like in this issue but apart from the dress (which I’m 50/50 for) and the neat idea for a “craft bag” there is nothing I don’t already have a pattern in my stash for and they are not so amazing as to replace those patterns. Here they are:


12 thoughts on “Dear BurdaStyle magazine

  1. hi Courious Kiwi. do you remember the link to the german burda page that had a section on magazine preview? should have saved it in my favourites…

      • I actually googled exactly that: burda de magazine previous and found it during my break. 🙂 thanks for quick response! it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.
        I am not sure about subscribing- I finally found the shop that stocks them and I went to check it out before buying (love the dress made of triangles and hope to make something of my black broderie anglaise when I have more time). the delivery isn’t worth the difference between issue price and the subscription. I think the subscription is more than the issues on their own so I’ll give it a try and buy them one by one if I like them. I do agree it’s not as exciting as it used to be.. Fingers crossed for your projects!

    • Now that I am back in NZ the price in the shop is really good compared to what I paid in Australia so, same as you, I find it’s not much of a saving to subscribe, may as well go and pick up just the issues I like and I’m not too bothered that they are 2 months behind 🙂

  2. I had subscription for 4 years but never seen as many repeats in my grandma’s probably 20 years pile- though she doesn’t subscribe, she only buys the ones she likes patterns from. Maybe that’s the way forward, but I can’t find any shop that actually sells them! My subscription expired last March and I miss it greatly, the excitement of opening the pack and fishing through the pages for something special. Even if 70% of them I’ve seen before 😦
    Can you suggest any other magazines? Language doesn’t matter as I never read the instructions. Though delivery to the UK would be great.. 🙂

    • Hi Kasiorist, I agree, I think buying the individual issues is better good idea right now. I was going to get mine from a bookshop called Boarders but they have gone into receivership so I’m going to have to find a new source. At the moment I also subscribe to Manequim (Portuguese) and Patrones (Spanish) and I think they are great magazines. Check out my page called Magazines for how to subscribe (they delivery worldwide) and my reviews here and here I hope you like them too xx

  3. oh this is too funny.

    i’m doing the sew weekly challenges, and this week it’s a burda mag pattern from the BS website– but i think i’m going to sift through my old burda mags and find where they recycled it from. that’s what made me stop my subscription– pattern repeats with tiny tweaks.

    • Funny, but true 😉 I’ve only been subscribed for two years but already I am noticing repeats. I need to do a mag search too, I saw this great tunic someone posted on BS and same as you said, it’s available on the website but I am sure it’s been in a magazine not too long ago…it’s a shame there isn’t an easier way to search other than flicking through them all.

  4. I completely agree. They have gotten very lazy with there patterns and repeats with “variations” on the same design over and over. they think by styling it different they can trick me. offers all the patterns the month after now, so if its something I have to have ill just get it then.

    • You are so right, it used to be Pants 101A and Pants 101B, now they often give them a completely separate number. Plus there are no fitted designs anymore, nothing actually shaped for the body. It feels like lazy drafting, all very drapey and flowy, it’s not my style and doesn’t suit me at all.

  5. You’re absoloutly wright about Burda. Its been since june 2010 that I bought an issue of Burda, all ready have patterns and not the new trics of fashion, very boring. Love the mannequin magazine.

    • That’s what put me over the line, I thought to myself, what was the last thing I made from one of my Burda magazines?…and I had to think really hard to remember.

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