It’s all fun and games until…

I’m sorry my wonderful sewing friends but you’re going to have to wait a couple more days for some weekend sewing photos. I got something in my eye on Sunday morning and it spoilt my whole sewing day. I got whatever it was out but I must have scratched my eye when doing it. It hurt when my eye was open, it hurt when I blinked, it even it hurt when my eye was closed. I was hoping it would heal fast and after a good nights sleep I would wake up magically healed but no, it’s taken until this evening for it to settle down. I did manage a fair bit of sewing on Sunday afternoon, mostly because it was a nice distraction from the pain but it wasn’t the amazing full-day-of-sewing that I was craving.

Anyway, while consoling myself with my favourite blogs I spotted this weeks Sew Weekly Challenge.

The "Little Lumberjack" Outfit

What a really cool idea and Mena’s outfit is so cute!

I’ve only recently discovered Sew Weekly and their weekly challenges. I got super excited about this one but right now I am a bit too busy at work and with my catch-up sewing to join in but that won’t stop me from thinking about which photo I’d use as my inspiration.

I like this photo as a contender. I think I am about 4 years old and that’s my Dad’s ute which I always thought was so cool. Ohh and check out my knee high socks and matching shoes, but seriously, I think this dress could scale up into something really cute and wearable today.


I’d definitely like to try this in the future, just for fun, to get a bit creative…one day and I’ll link it back here, promise 😉

Since we are sharing fun old photos, here’s another, to give you a giggle.

Happy sewing xx


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