Somewhere in the Tasman Sea…

It’s been a chaotic and busy week but for those of you following along we made it safely to New Zealand last Tuesday, I can hardly believe we’ve been home a week already. My internet opportunities at the moment are few and limited so please excuse the absence of posts, but here’s a quick update:

We spent the last weekend in our rental property in Perth surrounded by boxes with nothing more than our 2 suitcases, bed, single couch, the tv and fridge. I managed to fish out of one box a pot to boil water for tea/coffee, my “keep cup” and the top off the thermos flask to drink from. It was kind of like camping indoors, they really did pack EVERYTHING for us.

Boxed in!

On Monday they bravely backed a 20ft shipping container right down our driveway. It was going to be tight, they told us, and we selected a few items the night before that would be left behind if it all went pear shaped. I’m not sure who had it worse: Me, sitting at work chewing my nails and wondering how it was all going or Husband, watching the men playing Container Tetris with our every belongings. It was close, Husband says there was just 1cm left in front of the doors when they closed it up…with everything inside and suddenly a big weight lifted off of us. We moved into a hotel that night for our final week in Perth, leaving the same way we arrived: with a lot of tears from sad goodbyes, 2 suitcases and a bunch of nerves.

Biggest sewing machine carry case ever 😉

We had an amazing flight. I’ve flown into Wellington a few times from various locations but I’ve never arrived in the direction we did last week. We flew low right over my home suburb (I would have waved to my Mum’s house if I’d been fast enough to get my orientation) then I spotted the local shopping centre and we zipped past that and over the motorway, right past the rugby stadium (affectionately called the “Cake Tin” because that’s exactly what it looks like) then a lazy right hand turn over Oriental Parade lined us up for the smoothest ever recorded, and likely never to be repeated, landing at Wellington airport.

We are staying with family at the moment and I’ve been busy organising all the necessaries – bank accounts, driver’s licences, that sort of thing. I also found time to spot a Burda magazine at my local newsagent 😉

It’s been pretty emotional so far, a lot of good emotions, but a few unexpected ones as well. It’s quite disarming, feeling like you have nothing, starting again, back to living out of a suitcase in someone else’s house. I’ve gotten used to being independent and I have to constantly remind myself that it’s only temporary. Then I think of all the people who really have lost their entire lives to earthquakes and floods and I chastise myself for being so selfish.

If the Australians were confused at why were we’re returning to NZ then the Kiwis are absolutely perplexed. Apparently “because we wanted to” is not a sufficient enough reason. I’ve given up trying to explain and instead I am concentrating on settling us in.

Right, enough moping, did you ever play the unfortunately/fortunately game in school? You take turns making up a story where the beginning of each line alternates between “unfortunately” and “fortunately”, it goes something like this:

Unfortunately Mel had to pack up her sewing machines and she had no idea how long they’d be apart…

Fortunately the shipping company takes a quick route and told her it would only be 2 weeks shipping time, yay…

Unfortunately the ship they were supposed to be on was running 5 days late due to bad weather so it booted the only Wellington-bound container off the manifest so it could skip Wellington to make up time…

Fortunately there was another ship after it…

Unfortunately it wasn’t scheduled to depart until the end of May…

Fortunately the Fremantle “warfies” decided to strike…

Unfortunately the strike meant yet another ship was 2 days late…

Fortunately it meant the sewing machines could get on that ship and leave even earlier than expected.

So our luck has been good and floating somewhere in theTasman Sea is (I hope) the 20ft sea container containing pretty much our entire lives…oh and my sewing machines 🙂 I’m only guessing where it actually is but I do know it’ll be popping into Lyttleton and Port Chalmers before wallowing (if the current weather system heading our way is anything to go by) it’s way up to us here in Wellington around the 25th of May. Fingers are crossed that customs gives the immediate tick and now the hunt is on for a new home and rediscovered independence…

So I’ll leave you with a few pics from my walk yesterday xx


2 thoughts on “Somewhere in the Tasman Sea…

    • I have an update, yay, the container is due into Wellington this Monday so I just have to clear all the customs formalities and then it will be a very happy reunion 🙂

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