Patrones 303 (April 2011)

Apparently I did manage to scan another magazine, Patrones 303, which is weird because I have zero recollection of doing so but the flash drive never lies so here it is 🙂

There wasn’t a huge amount in this issue that grabbed me but I do like the look of this green dress. I’m a bit iffy about the whole one-shoulder thing, there are quite a few in this issue and Burda seem to be obsessed with it lately as well, still, this dress is quite stunning.




The central section contains several different skirts and tops. They are all quite youthful and fun and I really like the soft colour combinations. We are heading into winter here in Wellington and while autumn is clinging on (yay) these are definitely getting filed away until warmer weather finally returns. But I don’t mind, I quite like winter sewing and I have a few ufo’s to catch up on that will be perfect while these patterns ‘mature’ on the shelf 😉

I just had to stick these shorts in here because Patrones do seem to have an unhealthy obsession with the bloomer style pants and shorts, there’s usually at least one pair in each issue. I’m not going to say much more because I know my fashion sense is not entirely on the level so some of you might has spotted these and added them to the top of your ‘to-sew’ list but personally I’m putting these in the same category as Jeggings, Ugg boots in public and Crocs…please, just say ‘no’.


If you are keen for some cute bloomers as underwear why don’t you check out Colette Patterns free download: Madeline Mini Bloomers, very cute.

Another one shoulder item but I am more interested in the pants, a slim-fit 3/4-length cargo pant which I’d like to make, perfect for the last few autumn traps up Mt Kau Kau or out to the Orongorongo Valley.





I have received this months issue but have no way to scan it at the moment. Its full of beachy goodness, lots of flowy summer dresses and a blouse with the largest pleated cuffs you’ve ever seen so I promise to get it scanned and uploaded as soon as I can for a giggle.

I have  good news to share about the container that contains my life (which you are probably all sick of hearing about) it arrives today and just has to clear customs, yay! I also picked up the keys to our rental property this morning so now I just have to beat husband to the bigger of the spare rooms 😉 I think they are actually both the same size however one does have significantly more power points. However I am used to subsisting with a single power point so even the room that has one double will seem like a electrified luxury!


6 thoughts on “Patrones 303 (April 2011)

  1. I noticed the green dress too. The color is gorgeous! I don’t think I’d wear a one shoulder dress although it looks great on the model.

  2. Hi Mel. So glad to hear all your things have arrived without too much delay and also that you have found a house. That is exciting! How are you going? Can’t wait to see all the updates.

  3. There is a reason that model with the bloomer shaped shorts is sitting in a position that a) would never occur naturally and b) could not be maintained for longer than it takes the camera to click. It is the only photo of the probably 20 or so photos they took for this magazine that make these shorts look anything like wearable. I agree with you Kiwi. Just say no!

  4. Starting a new fase of your life is a bit stressy.
    This Patrones issue was not super but I made blouse 13, jacket 20, skirt 18( but shorter, kneelenght like Prada) and jumpsuit 24 only the trousers ( not yet finished) .For the green dress , I adapt the patteren kneelenght and top front symetric and higher at the side (so no bustier), but I’am still looking for fabric (plain or print).

  5. Yay, Mel! Glad to hear all your stuff has arrived… and that you are *this close* to actually settling in Wellington – keys! Hope Chris is settling in well to his new jog too 🙂

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