Cleaning, oiling and re-tensioning the blog

I am taking the plunge and going to muck around with my blog over the next day or two so if you’ve arrived here and are thinking, “what is going on?” don’t worry, it is all on purpose.

I have no idea how this is going to go but I need a theme change at the very least since I have mucked up all my pages trying to do drop down menus following a wordpress blog post only to find out that I’ve stuffed everything up since my current theme doesn’t support them even thought the post I read specificaly asks in relaton to the theme I use, argh!

So anyway, I have them back but they are all jumbled and messy looking which is jumbling and messing with my nerdy senses. I also hate this massive long line of things that I have going on down the left hand side. Then after all that, if I feel like it I might have a go at my banner and a few other ideas I have floating around in my head and harddrive 🙂

So this is sorries in advance xx

I love comments so please feel free to say "hi" xx

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