Patrones 306 and Manequim 625 (July 2011)

Moar magazines! 🙂 This is my (now) usual monthly delivery, no more Burda from now on, just a Patrones and a Manequim , which I am enjoying immensely.

July’s Patrones isn’t my favourite issue, there are plenty of nice items but I think I am all summer-patterned out and while thinking about job-hunting I am more interested in the less casual looks (read: I can wear to work) that Manequim are offering up this month.

Having said that, if there is one things these guys know how to do well it’s summer dresses!

I’d love to catch glimpse of the front of this orange number (doesn’t it make you nervous when they only show one specific angle, it’s like, “what are you hiding?”) but the line drawing looks good enough. It looks familiar doesn’t it? I think it reminds me of this Burda dress from July 2010.

The yellow dress is very pretty, lots of shirring and ruffly edges.

There’s a “romantic” section that I am skipping over but you can check out Jacquie’s selection here.

I do like this blue dress in the “On Holiday” section, nice paneling.

Another fantastic plus section offers up these cute shorts and zipper top perfect for over the bikini. A loverly pintucked blouse with flared-leg pant and a super cute skirt with great detailing to the pockets.

Next months issue is for Fall and we will “discover all the seasonal trends” including some “elegant urban fashion, a great collection of women’s clothes, coats and a special of beautiful winter fashion for girls”.









Now, this month”s Manequim! Phew! It is one of my favourites so far. I love the offset of Patrones casual looks with Manequims more classic sophistication. There are seveal items this month that I want to make immediately and I am going to use them as my motiviation for finishing my Forever Jeans and Gok Coat, which means the hunt is on for buttons and buckles, look out!

My top picks come from the section about the style of Linda e Chique who seems to be a star on a TV show called Insensato Coração (Foolish Harts?), but I may have completely wrong. What is not wrong is the stylish top and pant combo. There is delicious piping detail to the pant pockets and waist band and the top has a really interesting sleeve pleat to compliment the neckline and pleated front, and all in a polka-dot print silk, yummy!

The next item in this section is this amazing cut-out style top, I love the neck line and I am a big fan of sneaky peaky décollatage! This top is amazing in simple white and I bet it would also be fabulous in the right print.

The copy-cat style section gives us three items inspired by Gucci and the leggings are particularly nice in their detail. I like the blouse as well but I think it would look better on me if I made it more fitted. The dress is scrummy too, I don’t think I need remind you of my love for wrap dresses.

I just noticed that at the front of the copy-cat section they put the price of the original item. To purchase these three items would cost you a total of R$903 Brazilian Real (that’s R$304, R$299 & R$300 for the blouse, dress and leggings respectively) or $672 New Zealand dollars! Why don’t you go on and look up the conversion in your currency to see how much you could save making it yourself? 😉

In the Black & White themed section there is with super sweet dress and amazing blazer, take a closer look at the line drawing, it has a nice shape and great paneling.

In the Winter section there is this fabulous trench-dress which I got quite excited about. I saw this dress on just the other day and thought the idea of it was dreamy!

Dhini S/S '11 - Floating Trench

The Manequim version is a much more simple shape but the pleated origami sleeves are the real feature here. There is a nice set of pants in this section as well.

That’s it! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Patrones 306 and Manequim 625 (July 2011)

  1. Thanks so much!! I havent seen Manequims except for your photos but they look great! I don’t know how to draft up or down. I hope to take some pattern design classes this coming year and that should help.
    I’m trying to translate a pattern and google is not a lot of help. I have a sewing terms in Spanish guide which is great. If you don’t have this, I could send it. But do you have any other suggestions? Feel free to link to another post or if you have talked about. I appreciate any help.
    Patrones is definitely my favorite so far!

    • I have that guide too from one of the first magazines I got off of ebay. You are right, Google isn’t much help. I tend to follow my nose and also look at instructions from other similar patterns I own to get an idea of construction order. BurdaStyle can be helpful too, for similar patterns, you can view their instructions for free.

      The grading I’m trying to do is pretty easy in theory and my results so far are positive I just made a bit of a math mistake so I put it down for a break. I’m basically dividing each pattern piece up and then working out how much bigger or smaller each measurement is then cutting and spreading or overlapping to match my measurements. I’m hoping it will be a success so I can do a tutorial for my readers.

      Thanks for reading, it’s great hear you enjoy my blog, it makes me wish I could post for you more often xx

  2. I just left you a comment on your post from Feb 3rd. Can you take a look and let me know here what you think. I was looking at your size chart for the magazines and comparing it to my Patrones chart and one from an eBay seller. Either you made a mistake or more likely I’m reading the Patones sizing as wrong.

  3. Hi!! Can you tell me how you subscribed to Manequim? Do you have their address? And how is their sizing? Didn’t you say once that they only give the pattern in one size??

    Patrones is still my favorite but I have not yet sewn anything. Google translate isn’t that helpful. I do have a sewing dictionary in Spanish so I could try that. I’ve thought of starting with one simple pattern. I am pretty excited because I’m losing weight and almost in their size 48. My goal is to be a 46 or 44 Parones size.

    Thanks for showing photos. I love reading what you have to say! Have you ever seen Knipmode or Le Mia boutique? I’m curious what you thought. People are saying Burda August has promise. I just ordered single issue so we shall see!!

    • Check out my magazines info here: is has all subscription info that I use. I used to subscribe to La Mia Boutique and you can see what their issues are like here: I stopped because I find Patrones and Manequim more my style, each to their own I guess 🙂 I’d subscribe again if I could afford to add another magazine to my stash but not tight now.

      With Manequim sizing is closer to Burda than Patrones, maybe one size bigger. I cut a Burda 40 or 42 and cut Manequim 42 or 44, their waist measurements are more generous too, I find the Patrones waist TINY and always cut a bigger size in the waist.

      Most patterns in Manequim are one size and they vary, some items are a 38 while others are a 44 etc, there is usually one or two patterns in each size and there are a few items that have three sizes like the top I am making today is sized 38/42/46 which is good because if you are a 44 you can just cut between the 42 & 46 size lines 🙂 In issue 625 there are only 5 multi-sized patterns so yeah, not many.

      I am working on a top pattern from a few months ago (just put it down for a break) that is a 48 and I am trying a few drafting techniques to re-size it to a 42. If it all works out (and I think it will) I’ll be posting a tutorial on how I achieved it. I really need to finish it since until I can re-size their patterns I’m not really using the subscription to it’s full potential.

  4. Thanks for your reviews and pictures every month, it has had a big impact for me to not reorder Burda and to get a subscription to Patrones instead, though I’m still on the fence about Manequim!

    • Aww thanks, I just love sharing my favourites for the month and I’m glad I’ve helped you find a Burda substitute 🙂 I think what is great about Patrones and Manequim, apart from the amazing fashion forward style, is that they are two distinct aesthetics, I just love them both. Happy sewing xx

  5. It’s not a big thing, this patrones, but I just got back from my holiday, and no more sunny outfits. I will make jacket 10 in a autumn version( pastille print in green) and mayby dress 5, and the skirt from the COS dress.
    The mannequin is super( all the latest issues)

    • Oh I just can’t get enough of the latest Manequims! 🙂 I just started top 303 from issue 625 in an amazing silk crepe remnant, fingers crossed it works out, I can’t wait to share it with you all.

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