No sewing here…but I did get a feature!

As I am sure you have managed to work out based on this posts title I haven’t been doing any sewing this week.

I have finally found the motivation to work consistently on my CV and portfolio. You see I haven’t been fabric shopping in weeks, WEEKS I tell you, so I need to get out there and find myself a job 🙂

The sewing has lacked for other reasons too, my main problem at the moment is that out of the 150 boxes of stuff we managed to successfully bring over from Perth the single item* I have discovered missing is the top stitching thread for my Forever Jeans. Argh! A trip to Spotlight in Porirua didn’t help last weekend since that was the one and only color they were out of, typical of my luck, and I just know that as soon as I purchase a new spool my currently-absent-and-almost-full-spool will magically re-appear. So, there will be a trip to the Ngauranga Spotlight this weekend and we shall see if they have the correct coloured thread.

Remember my post extolling the oft-overlooked virtues of Spotlight that I wrote while in Australia? Current experience so far tells me that post is N/A for the Spotlight stores in Wellington. I went to the Ngauranga store for more thread for my Gok Coat last week and the single colour they were out of was that spool as well! And the staff were less than helpful in being able to tell me when the Gutterman rep/stockist was due to visit next. Now before you tell me to just go to another store, I did, but every other fabric store in the city stocks Mettler thread only, which I have no problems using it’s just that I needed that particular colour from Gutterman that I had already started using for top-stitching. Don’t get me started on the buckles and buttons selections either. Perhaps it’s just me and I’ve just had a string (or should that be thread? Hehe) of bad luck visits. Although if there is one thing Spotlight New Zealand have going for them is that they do give you a nice little card that they sign everytime you bring your own shopping bag and after 5 trips you get 20% off 1 item, that’s kind of cool.

Spotlight's 'Bag A Discount' Card

My Gok Coat is fairing much better, I did eventually get thread, in Palmerston North of all places, but I didn’t drive all that was for just thread, I was up there for other reasons and you drive past their huge Spotlight on the way out to the highway, so now I am on my fourth spool of Gutterman colour #512 but that should be the last one. The coat itself is 99.99% completed sewing-wise but 0% complete for buttons and buckles, still no luck there but this weekend I will turn to my old friend the internets and see what it can discover for me.

Then I am at a bit of a loss as to what to make next, I have plenty of ideas it’s just deciding which one to do first!

In other news I got featured on the BurdaStyle sites DIY Wedding article, so exciting, click on the pic below to go check it out 🙂 If you’d like to see more of how I made my dress you can check out my wedding dress posts here.

*excluding the chunky length of dowel that I used to dry my homemade pasta on, which is no biggie, I’ll get another, maybe someone will eventually discover it in the corner of the pantry in Perth where I accidentally left it…

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