Manequim 623 (May 2011)

It took Manequim and Burda a little longer than Patrones to re-route my subscriptions when I moved country. Luckily all my magazines were sent to my old workplace where my wonderful friend and colleague K gathered them up and forwarded them on to me. Since neither of my August magazines have shown up yet here is May’s issue of Manequim with bonus Burda picks.



This month begins with the production chic stylings of actress and former fashion model Camila Pitanga. It’s a nice mix of formal and casual starting with a really sweet white dress, love the bodice shape, you could easily pull this off in two-tone or a print. Next up is a long sleeveless blouse or perhaps more of a casual vest. I like the length and how it is shown over a dress with belt. From the formal end we have this smoking red dress with pleated panels to the skirt. Pleated skirts seem to be all the rage right now so would be neat to use these panels on just a skirt pattern.

In the Beautiful and Feminine section, actress Palmora Bernadi, who is inspired by romantic 1950’s fashion, gives us a couple of cute skirts and some beautiful blouses with pretty collars and really interesting pleated sleeve details (I’m really getting into my sleeves lately, wait until you see the item I am working on now).

Always Well Dressed brings us inspiration from Isabel Marant but we only get three patterns out of this section. I quite like this dress, well, actually I’m not sure, but look at the suede jacket!! I’ve included three views of it, fierce! Oh and it’s a size 44, perfect!

A little later on we have this flowy top with singlet, it appeals to me because I love playing with the rolled hem and differential feed on my overlocker. There is a big skirt section but nothing to my taste however there is another nice vest, this one is more drapey and there is something interesting happening in the back, I think maybe a panel similar to the skirt material.

And then we have the Oscar looks, here are my two favourites, maybe one day I’ll have need for a dress like these! 😉

I found an online preview of August which should be arriving shortly, you can’t really see much but there is a plus sized special and Manequim usually gives us some really nice items is sizes 50 – 62.

Manequim August 2011 Preview

If you are interested in how the Manequim sizing stacks up I’ve just added scanned size charts from all the magazines to my Downloads & Tutorials page under the Goodies menu at the top and I’ve also made up a comparison chart between the four.

Here are my picks from the May Burda magazine. There’s not a lot to rave about, a lot of flowy stuff and very little structure (apart from the bustier and ruched style dresses but we’ve seen them in previous issues) but I do like the jacket and the 50s style dress in two lengths. Not too sure about the pink dress, I like the shape and the back ‘v’, it might not flatter me but I can see me giving it a go.

BurdaStyle May 2011

2 thoughts on “Manequim 623 (May 2011)

  1. Ooo – these are really lovely picks.

    I’m curious, and sorry if you have answered this before…..can you read Portuguese, or do you just know enough about sewing to be able to use the patterns without instructions?

    Also…is there an online site to subscribe to Mannequim and/or Patrones? I’ve never seen these magazines anywhere!

    • Hehe, nope 🙂 I just speak English and the tiniest amount of Japanese. I’ve been sewing for a while so I know the basic construction order for most items and if I get stuck I just baste-and-see. Manequim do number their seams which helps for odd shaped pattern pieces.

      You can find all my subscription info here, under the Goodies menu at the top of the blog. I have to subscribe online because you’ll never find these magazines in the shops in Aus or NZ either but I’ve always received good service, it’s just sometimes delayed due to the language barrier I think. If you chose to subscribe let me know how you get on 🙂

      PS: your crescent skirt material is so sweet, I can’t wait to see the final product! xx

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