Sewing as Art

Here’s a little bit of sewing as art for your friday:

It looks as if it could actually sew!

This by Jennifer Collier and I love that she re-purposes her materials from thrift stores and lets the found materials feed her inspiration.

She also gets bonus points for using a (real) sewing machine to stitch together some of her work.

You can see more of Jennifer’s work here and here.


Accidental Fabric Shopping Wednesday

I had a headache all day at work yesterday, you know the kind that continues to over stay its welcome even after your second set of panadol for the morning? Yeah, one of those. So by lunchtime I was dying to get out for some fresh air and Wellington put on a beautiful day hinting at an amazing soon-to-arrive summer.

There are two things I absolutely love about the lead up to summer in Wellington. Firstly we get days like yesterday, secondly (and most importantly) all the winter fabric goes on special 😉

So I only intended to wander down to the end of Lambton Quay and back but before I knew it I was standing outside Arthur Toye and their ‘5 – 50% off sale’ sign.

Well, when you’ve made it that far you may as well go the rest of the distance and here’s what I took back to the office.


This wool stripe (80% wool/20% polyester) is warm but light weight and will be perfect for another Esther or similar to see me to the end of spring.

I’ve been thinking of making another JJ blouse and this 100% cotton will be perfect, blue and pink is such a sweet colour combination!

Curious Husband recently suggested that I take a good look at the items I’ve made that I love to wear often and recreate new versions of those. I hardly ever make more than one of any pattern, JJ, Kasia and Jenny are probably the only exceptions, yet I often think after finishing a successful item that I would like to re-make it. Sometimes you don’t know until you’ve had to live with it for a few months, do you?

So if I had to pick a top 3, items that I LOVE and wear over and over they would be:

  • My JJboth of them actually, the fit of this pattern is amazing and with or without the ruffles it’s a great blouse pattern…and it’s free, go get it!
  • My Jenny skirt – this one usually, this one less often, I think because the first one is more neutral and goes with everything, it also fits really well and I think it’s quite flattering.
  • My Stitches Asymmetrical Folds Skirt always attracts a compliment and the a-line shape makes it comfy to sit in all day long. I can wear it with boots and tights or heeled sandals in warmer weather.

So that’s a pretty good list to start with and these items that I am familiar with and can probably make pretty quickly while tackling the longer term projects.

So curious readers, tell me, what are your top three patterns that you make over and over again, why do you like them so much?

There will be a post involving sewing this weekend, promise…

Wellington here we are again! (via Fabric-a-brac)

For some reason my re-blogged link didn’t work, although I swear it was there last night! So here is the link to what I was talking about in my post below, the Wellington Fabric-a-Brac, it sounds awesome.

Thank you to everyone for your congratulations, I am enjoying being back into the work routine, I just wish I’d gotten more sewing done in my down time, but isn’t that always the case? 😉

Wellington here we are again! Yup, better and I think even bigger than the last one, we’re back in Wellington on Guy Fawkes day – 5 November. Stall applications close 10 October so get in quick – we’ve had heaps of interest. And pop the fabric-a-brac Nov 2011 poster up on work noticeboards and local cafes if you can – that’d be great to help us with publicity. If you’re happy to give up an hour or two to measure fabric for the Hospice table the night before let me know too. J … Read More

via Fabric-a-brac

Busy busy

Ahh, sigh, I didn’t mean to disappear for two weeks but things have been pretty hectic for me.

What has happened in the last two weeks? Well I got myself a job, just like that, crazy!

I thought once I started officially looking that I would be at it a while but I made a few phone calls the Monday before last and got asked to come in for a “chat” on the Wednesday followed by a serious interview last Monday. I had to prepare an AV presentation and answer the usual questions and then they asked me to start on the Thursday!

Phew! So it all happened ridiculously fast and then to top it all off this week I came down with a pretty serious head cold…needless to say I’ve not done a lot of new sewing…

I do have some things to share with you but I just haven’t had the time let alone the energy to get them into the computer 😉

Please stick around, I’ll get them up soon as I can and for now, check out the Wellington Fabric-a-brac post above. I’m really excited to go to this because I missed the last two. Why don’t you join me? Just promise not to get in between me and my fabric bargains, I will be in elbows-out mode 😉