Busy busy

Ahh, sigh, I didn’t mean to disappear for two weeks but things have been pretty hectic for me.

What has happened in the last two weeks? Well I got myself a job, just like that, crazy!

I thought once I started officially looking that I would be at it a while but I made a few phone calls the Monday before last and got asked to come in for a “chat” on the Wednesday followed by a serious interview last Monday. I had to prepare an AV presentation and answer the usual questions and then they asked me to start on the Thursday!

Phew! So it all happened ridiculously fast and then to top it all off this week I came down with a pretty serious head cold…needless to say I’ve not done a lot of new sewing…

I do have some things to share with you but I just haven’t had the time let alone the energy to get them into the computer 😉

Please stick around, I’ll get them up soon as I can and for now, check out the Wellington Fabric-a-brac post above. I’m really excited to go to this because I missed the last two. Why don’t you join me? Just promise not to get in between me and my fabric bargains, I will be in elbows-out mode 😉


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