Wellington here we are again! (via Fabric-a-brac)

For some reason my re-blogged link didn’t work, although I swear it was there last night! So here is the link to what I was talking about in my post below, the Wellington Fabric-a-Brac, it sounds awesome.

Thank you to everyone for your congratulations, I am enjoying being back into the work routine, I just wish I’d gotten more sewing done in my down time, but isn’t that always the case? 😉

Wellington here we are again! Yup, better and I think even bigger than the last one, we’re back in Wellington on Guy Fawkes day – 5 November. Stall applications close 10 October so get in quick – we’ve had heaps of interest. And pop the fabric-a-brac Nov 2011 poster up on work noticeboards and local cafes if you can – that’d be great to help us with publicity. If you’re happy to give up an hour or two to measure fabric for the Hospice table the night before let me know too. J … Read More

via Fabric-a-brac


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