Social sewing, the best kind of sewing

On Sunday I hung out with the Wellington Fabric Hoarders crew again. It’s been a couple of months since my last visit, not only did I have a great time I was also very productive.

I hemmed my (belated) birthday dress, cut out a new JJ blouse & Esther cardi. We also gossiped about sewing and discussed who we thought would win versus who we would rather win (in order to give the mighty All Blacks the easiest road to the finals) in the Australia versus South Africa* quarter-final rugby game.

So I completely forgot to take any photos during the day since we were using my phone to play music (yay) but here is a picture of all my sewing items ready to go. I am quite proud of my compactness, there was a time when I used to try to bring most of my sewing room with me!

Inside these two bags are my sewing machine, overlocker, 4 cones of black thread, 3 cones of grey thread, power cords (which I almost forgot) and a double plug , two sewing patterns and fabric for the Esther and JJ, two Manequim magazines for show-and-tell, (belated) birthday dress ready for hemming, two pairs of scissors (fabric scissors and, of course, paper scissors) and a plastic box full of bits and bobs (pen, pencil, chalk, unpickers, spare bobbin, white and grey thread, spare needles and extra sewing feet etc). For this meet I knew exactly what I wanted to do so it was quite easy to be prepared. (Also I totally need to make a copy of my Bernina bag that fits my Elna!)

And here is a picture of a kitty I saw as I was leaving, he was enjoying the sunshine in the Massey atrium.

On the way home I happened to drive by the Fabric Warehouse’s new location with the intention of taking a new photo of the front but what’s the point of driving past if you don’t go inside? 😉

The store is amazing, bigger than their old premises with lots of new fabrics and really cool vintage sewing items on display. Parking is heaps better and it is much easier to get back on to the main road. I’d like to say that I came away with some amazing new fabric purchases but all I have to show for my visit is $100 worth of interfacing. I know that sounds like a lot of interfacing but I really have none left in my stash, I have slowly used is ALL up. So I got some special wool interfacing (the black stuff) for a coat I currently have cut out (but I’m not sure if I’ll get it done before Summer arrives) and just some plain white in two weights.

So that was my weekend. I did intend to photograph the (belated) birthday dress when I got home but I decided that you’ve seen enough of the view from my verandah and Curious Husband suggested a very good location to take the pics at next weekend. Maybe I’ll try to give you guys a little tour of Wellington with a new location for each new item I sew. Maybe, lets see how long that lasts shall we? Hehe, hey it might get me out of my “ugh, photos” slump and I think you’ll enjoy it too. Here is a sneak peek for now 😉

*For those who are playing along we decided that South Africa would probably win (we were wrong) but we would rather Australia win since they would be an easier beat in the upcoming semi-final. Although the counter argument was raised that if Australia did win and then beat us in the semis and went on to win The Cup then that would be bad since they are so close to us and would rub it in out faces ALL. THE. TIME. Where as South Africa is farther away and we could almost ignore their gloating. The counter counter argument to this was that if South Africa win, beat us in the semis and ultimately win The Cup then they will be the first team to win two Cups in a row and their gloating will be x1000 which will be bad x1000.

Ahh, sewing and Rugby, I am so home!

4 thoughts on “Social sewing, the best kind of sewing

  1. Oh dear, rugby!!! No-one could have foreseen the drama, could they?? lol. Now we all know who is going to win this weekend…

    I love the fabric you have used with the pink piping, very pretty. I can’t believe you only bought interfacing in a fabric shop like that! You must have excellent will power, I’d have crumbled at the first look!

    • Haha, yes, strong will power…and the desperate need for interfacing coupled with the lack of additional funds 😉 I’ll get back there, don’t you worry about me, hehe

      oh, and go the Might All Blacks 😉

  2. 1) More JJs? 😀
    2) $100 of interfacing? Is there some great interfacing drought coming that the rest of us should know about?
    3) *fingerscrossed* Australia wins the Rugby. The gloating from across the Tasman would be too much to bear otherwise. 😉
    4) Looking forward to seeing pictures of your newly completed dress!
    5) Your name-banner-thing (technical terms, eh?) seems to be playing up… the bottom portion, ie. the bit with your blog name is not visible on my computer. Though, it is entirely possible that that’s just a “my computer” thing.

    • Hehe 🙂

      1) There is no such thing as “too many JJ’s” – soon I will have 3 – it’s just such a great fitting pattern!
      2) Yeah I know, but I really and truly had no interfacing left and it’s the kind of thing I hate going out to buy but I won’t be buying any more for at least 12 months – believe you me I wasn’t expecting the total to be that high either but I did get 12 meters all up.
      3) *fingerscrossed* New Zealand wins the rugby so we can finally gloat to our friends across the Tasman 😉
      4) Hopefully this weekend, weather permitting
      5) Ummm, it could be a browser issue, maybe email me a screen print? I know that on an iPad the right-hand widgets drop off.

      Enjoy the BSC meet this weekend, I miss you girls xx

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