Preview the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook

BurdaStyle now have a dedicated BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook page! You can preview the book there and check out all the members who contributed to it…I’m a bit miffed that I’ve been left off the list but I have emailed them about it – I’m guessing it’s from when they made all users with an ‘_’ in their log-on names change them and I got lost somehow…so hopefully my picture pops up soon 🙂

There are also links for where to buy the book in hard copy and as an eBook and eBook owners can enter their codes to download the master patterns in PDF format.

Yesterday I received an email from BurdaStyle asking for my current address so they can send back my garment and a copy of the book in November. I’m taking that as my cue to share photos with you and reveal which garment is mine 😉 Yay! And Phew! For a minute there I thought I’d have to go and buy my own copy of the book.

I’m VERY excited!

Update 20/10/2011: Ohh yay I got added in, thanks team 🙂 and I got a cool little badge on my profile.


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