Manequim 626 (August 2011)

Yes, that says August up there in the subject line, I am waaaay behind with my Manequim and Patrones posts, I know. The problem is that my new computer, which is AMAZING (so much so that it requires capitalisation) required a new printer driver compatible with Windows 7. This new printer driver however is not so amazing and we don’t get along…but don’t worry about me, I struggle along 😉

A brief update on the Gok Coat: Thank you for all your super helpful comments and suggestions, it was great to receive so much honest constructive criticism. I think what I have decided after reading them all and thinking about it is that maybe it’s no so bad and how it feels is quite different to how it looks, Sarah’s comment hit it right on the head, the shape feels too masculine on me.

It  does need work though and all the effort I put in is definitely worth saving. So I have removed the sleeves and done some pinning on Scarlett and I think the shape and fit can be corrected to a point I will be happy with and I can make it wearable. …but not until next winter…all that unpicking you remember… So I will share it again with much better photos in about 6 months time. Then I will learn from my mistakes and the construction (which I did enjoy) and make a new version next winter from a different pattern and perhaps in a colour that is more me, with some pop.

You can never have enough coats in Wellington! 😉






Ok, let’s take a look at the Manequim magazine from…*gasp*…3 months ago…hey who invited November to this party?

There is a lot of exciting stuff in this issue and since it is Friday and I have run out of words for the week (after using up all of them at work) I’ll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves:

We begin with a heap of shirt patterns that didn’t really grab me but I like these dresses in the celebrity style section, more the yellow one (but not for the colour, mustard doesn’t suit me) but the pleats are really nice.

After the success of Blusa 158 I am liking this top above as another potential quick wardrobe addition – and we all need to have at least one sequined pencil skirt. Pattern not included for that one, but if you do want one check out the BurdaStyle Jenny offering, $7.50 for a dress variation as well.

And two more, plus metallic houndstooth pencil skirt.

Lace dresses are everywhere right now aren’t they?

What the heck is going on with those pants?! I’m sorry Manequim, but the full-nappy look is not ever going to be in fashion…

I always love the mulit-look section, this month we get a really nice blazer, not sure if the scan shows it but it has ruffles in the back and you guys know how much I love ruffles. Blusa 361 is looking good with pants or a skirt, kind of 30s looking with the long green skirt no?

Leather pencil skirt, loving that too and the tie front blouse, also EVERYWHERE right now, the fabric is delicious as well.

This month we also get an amazing plus section modelled by the absolutely gorgeous Fabiana Karla who is a Brazilian actress & comedian. I think the range of patterns (sizes 46 – 60) are great plus the skirt (399) and bermudas (340) are multi-sized. Fabiana looks fabulous in all of them.

Well that’s it for now, I have an exciting new mega-project to share with you next, just doing a little bit more internet research and then I will post…plus there are two more issues of Manequim and two Patrones still to catch up on!


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