1930’s Dress: The Sketch

I was really excited this morning when I logged into BurdaStyle and saw my Rooibos dress was one of the days ‘Featured Member Projects’! Yay! (*jumping up and down, claps hands)

Last night I sat down with some paper and a pencil and did a little sketching. I’m not very good at it so don’t laugh too hard ok? 😉

Here were my first attempts:

I wasn’t really feeling it but I pushed on and eventually started to like one of them and worked it up further:

I am imagining the sleeves are actually sheer and it is slightly gathered under the bust. The side panels in the skirt add a little flare but not too much and most importantly I think this is within my ability.

So my plan is to have a good idea of how I’ll draft the pattern pieces by this weekend so I can make up a muslin and then it’s fabric shopping…I’ll keep you posted.


9 thoughts on “1930’s Dress: The Sketch

  1. I love it!! you should be a fashion designer!
    In fact, I wanna have this dress too, and so curious to see the progress..
    Did you use a template for the sketch?

    • I wish I could quit my day job and become a fashion designer! 🙂 I did use a croquis for the body shape, I can’t draw humans to save myself but the dress is all from my pencil…maybe if it all goes well I’ll consider sharing the pattern…

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