I am most definitely here

Thank you to all my lovely curious readers who contacted me about my blog being deactivated.

If you think that was a bit strange check out the message I got on my dashboard:

Red text alert! What?! No, no no! I don’t do any of that!

It popped up right after my last post so I clicked through to tell them they had made a mistake and finally we are back up. The internet pixies have been severely reprimanded and WordPress.com Support were apologetic and quick to me get back up and running, I even got a compliment on my header image and background, aww nice 🙂

Thanks for coming back, please feel free to scroll down to yesterdays post if you haven’t had a chance read it and I’ll be back soon (hopefully) with more 1930s dress progress for you.

Until then happy sewing (and blogging)


7 thoughts on “I am most definitely here

  1. Love your blog design!
    I am currently thinking about blogging with wordpress instead of google. Not sure whether this will be better? Next month I will get some help and I will start a testrun with my own side and blogging with wordpress.

    • I love using WordPress, the tutorials are easy to understand and even with a free blog (like mine) you can get really individual designs, overall I think it has a more grown-up look over blogger, but that’s just my opinion, I say go for it 😉 Make you sure send me you new link xx

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