Manequim 630 (November 2011)

Manequim 630 showed up last week, not sure what happened to issue 629…but it wouldn’t be the first time they have arrived out of sequence. Hopefully it shows up soon or I’ll have to write them an email, the Manequim distributors are really good actually, they might be slow to respond (most likely due to language and time conversions) but I have no complaints.

So, what is 629 supposed to have inside it?

Ohh party dresses!

The great thing about Manequim is that Brazil’s seasons are more or less in line with ours down here in the Southern Hemisphere. So the current issues coupled with Wellington’s fantastic start to what is meant to be a terrific long summer has me quite excited! 😀

We begin with the style of actress Adriana Birolli. The polka dot top is deceptively simple but buttons up at the back, I am a big fan of a boatneck, it’s really flattering for me, it’s also multi-sized (38/42/46/50). The pleated skirt is great too (another multi-sized pattern) and guess what? Another jumper 😉 but this one is short and fun, very beachy, in my size (42), I quite like it.

Apparently prints are big this season (aren’t they always?) and this section gives us lots of prints and long slimming silhouettes. Love the key hole knotted halter and the partially sheer top, the dress is pretty simple but how amazing in that print? Will be keeping my eyes open for something similar. must. have.

This months issue is also super colourful and I almost scanned this entire “easy fashion” section, lots of simple lines in vibrant colour. The pink and red bicolour dress would be very slimming. I thought the blue dress was long with a fold all around to create that detail but looking more closely at the instructions I think its maybe just a tunic top over a separate skirt…

I wish they included the pattern for the orange top but I’m sure there is a similar pattern in a past magazine, winding up with two more easy tops.

Next month is PARTY month, yay, I am looking forward to lots of beautiful dresses and a fabulous plus section.


6 thoughts on “Manequim 630 (November 2011)

  1. Ok so I’m totally in LOVE with the Manequim magazine but I have a question. I’m a self taught seamstress and only being sewing for the past year (apart from learning it as a teenager long ago) so I’m a little frightened off my the foreign language and lack of instructions. I’ve sewn some basic tops and a few skirts but I’m keen to up my skills but maybe this isnt the right way to do it? I’ve spotted it for sale on Ebay but dont want to waste my money if I get it and just cant figure it out. So what do you think, should I take the plunge or get more experience first? Thanks and by the way love your blog!

    • Hi Karen! Thanks so much for reading, I’m self-taught too! 🙂 I’m glad you love Manequim, it’s so amazing. I don’t want to scare you off but sewing without instructions can feel quite daunting but the patterns are so great I just push through and work it all out. Looking at other similar patterns in your collection or on BurdaStyle (you can view the instructions for free without buying the pattern) helps, as does basting together bits that you are not sure about. Google translate helps occasionally but it really no good with sewing terms. Sometimes I don’t think I’ve done something quite right but the only one who knows is me 😉 or my readers when I confess it, hehe. I think you should buy yourself one magazine and have a go, even if you can’t work it out it’s a great fashion magazine for inspiration and then at least you’ve tried or maybe put it away as a goal for when you become the amazing seamstress I am sure lurks inside you.

  2. This is odd – my 630 never arrived so I had it resent, and it turned up this week along with 631. But I had no idea I was missing 629, too, until I saw your post, thanks! These are the only ones I’ve ever had go missing, too… Otherwise they turn up like clockwork, in the first week of every month!

    • Ohh great! You are going to really enjoy them and I am looking forward to more Manequim projects 🙂 I’ll cross my fingers for you, December is always an amazing party issue.

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