Patrones 309 (October 2011)

In absolute contrast to Manequim, Patrones (and Spain) is rolling into winter fashion:

I’m excited about summer, my first back home in NZ, but I am doing my best to concentrate on styles for when winter returns (all too quickly), starting with two long coats. I don’t know where I’m going find a long enough double zipper but if I start the hunt now I just might be able to locate one by June 2012. The asymmetry of #14 is not normally something I’d go for but isn’t that part of the fun of sewing your own clothes? Also: GIGANTIC snaps, yay.

Pretty tops and loving the lines of the blazer #13 (I’ve mucked up the line drawings, they should be the other way around!) I really like Patrones for the fact that they give you an entire look and always multi-sized.

I made a shirt dress a little while ago and love it, I’ve always wanted to make another but not from the same pattern and this one is perfect, I just copied the pattern so it’s going right up the list! I like the line drawing for the vest but not the choice of stone wash denim…I’m intend to make this vest soon (view C most likely) I’ve never owned a vest before but I suddenly feel like I need one.

Another vest and what is going on with those pants?! There are no words to describe them. Dandy? No, just no. I don’t mind the leather detailing on the skirt and jacket, it’s a bit biker chic.

The “Want it to Rain” section has a possible option for the next Gok coat, a rain poncho and we aren’t finished with the wtf? patterns just yet…if you view the image larger you will see that what looks like a black garbage bag is also finely perforated, so not particularly waterproof.

Some cute skirts to finish: #33 is my favourite with a high wide waist band and long darts. Not so sure about the paperbag-waist-meets-indiana-jones #34, but #37 has beautifully flattering seaming and lastly a nice draped faux wrap for #38.

Next month is the Winter Special with Christmas party fashions (glow and cleavage?? Ah Google Translate, you make me smile!), LBDs and a special night gala fashion plus size section.


One thought on “Patrones 309 (October 2011)

  1. Good choise. I made jacket 13 in a darkblue with purple( very small)srtipe, and its super. Just bought linng to finish it , and finding a good zipper. For the dress 18, not enough fabric for a proper lenght (its very short) and made skirt 37, very nice , but l had to lower the waist its to high for me.

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