Do you guys Pin?

I have to admit that I don’t. Well actually I used too, then I got all a bit weirded out by the thinspiration that kept cropping up in my search so I stopped doing it…then I deleted my account because I just didn’t use it and I kind of like to keep a handle on how many internet identities I have randomly floating around.

I prefer to use Evernote plus I tend to be stuck in the habit of saving a ridiculous amount of images in folders on my hard drive so I can flick through them at my leisure when I need inspiration.

Then I discovered in my referrer sats that despite not pinning personally people are pinning me, which is pretty cool:

Pinterest is a good way to easily remember that tutorial you spotted, and it’s visual, which is how most creative types learn and retain knowledge. Did you ever do that test at school, the VAK (visual/audio/kinesthetic) learning test? I was mostly a visual chicky, with a bit of kinesthetic thrown in for good measure.

Anyway, if you’ve pinned me in the past thanks heaps, I love new visitors and comments and sharing the love.

Happy Monday everyone xx

10 thoughts on “Pinning

  1. I was invited on Pinterest sometime ago, but have done nothing with it. This post is so helpful giving me ideas of how to use it. I really must have another look at it. Seeing as I’ve just moved to NZ and am still awaiting my fabric stash and sewing machine (due March!) and don’t start work yet, this should be a perfect time to have a good look at what’s around. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I love Pinterest! I use it to keep track of things I like the look of, for recipes and to collect ideas for my girls’ art projects. It’s great for bookmarking, a much more visual way to find something again. My daughters have reccommended it to their art teachers, and their fellow art students too. It seems to be a fabulous hit! When the eldest went for a university interview recently, she was asked how she kept up with trends etc. She replied she uses Pinterest just about every day, and their eyes lit up! “Oo, we love Pinterest!” was the tutor’s reation!

  3. I don’t and haven’t even checked out Pinterest. I just know I’ll get lost in it like I do with the blogsphere – raising my head when I have to collect the kids or feed someone etc. I don’t Facebook either, for this and other reasons. I have a good (ever increasing) collection of Vogue etc to flick through not to mention RSS feeds from my fave blogs and, well, hours in the day and all that. :o))

    I guess I am trying not to feed my addiction too much.

  4. I use Pinterest, and one of the things I like about it, is which pins are popular with others, and which are not. I have also found that it is helping me to develop an eye for shapes and styles which consistently pop up…which I guess is a good way of discouraging me from trying something faddish, and wasting my sewing time and effort.

  5. I’ve found Pinterest works really well for me. I like having my bookmarks organised (by album) and easily searchable (visually, by picture). My previous browser-based bookmarking was getting way out of control… so Pinterest has been a big improvement! I’ve also been enjoying the other things that people I follow pin, but I’m always selective about what albums I follow – I rarely follow everything of one person (I don’t want to see your “funny” quotes or pictures of babies) – I tend to follow good albums only.

    The only thing about Pinterest for me, is that while it’s perfect for design/sewing/DIY/home bookmarking, I don’t like it for pinning articles of interest etc (ones which are less identifiable by an image). In some ways, I think that’s what I use Twitter for! 😛

    • Yeah the funny quotes crack me up but they do get excessive. So you use Pinterest for your bookmarks, that’s really interesting, I never thought of using it like that but it sounds like a great idea. I guess I never really explored the different ways to organise and use the boards. Sometimes I think I just get overwhelmed by too many ideas but I think if I sign up again I’ll try just following what interests me 🙂

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