100, 000

I like stats and I often have a cruise through my blog stats to see where I’m picking up new readers from and which posts are the most popular. As much as any blogger claims they blog for themselves it’s still pretty cool to have others along for the ride.

On January 31st I was checking out WordPress’ new dedicated stats page and glanced down at my overall hits total, seriously, it was on 99, 999. I thought that was pretty cool so I waited for it to tick over to get the print screen of the special occasion.

Have you never taken a photo of your cars speedometer when its clocked over to a “special” number? No? It’s just Nerdy Husband and I then?

Lots of bloggers I follow like to have giveaways to celebrate reader milestones. I have thought to doing that too but to be honest I don’t really know my exact reader count since I don’t think you can get accurate stats on subscribers who use the RSS feed. I do know I recently cracked 60 email subscribers.

Well, 100, 000 hits is surely something to celebrate so let’s do it shall we?! I just happen to have this fabulous Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique pattern in my stash that’s looking for a new home:

It is Butterick 5490 in the size bracket BB (8-10-12-14), it has a cute lined and fitted bodice with beautiful dart detailing at centre front and a pleated skirt in two lengths. Purchased during one of my out of control online pattern purchase sprees it is uncut and still factory folded.

Just in case you are suspicious I’m giving it away because I have since learn’t that this style of dress doesn’t really suit me – pleated fronts (especially with a raised waist) and I simply don’t get along,  as evidenced when I tried to make BurdaStyle’s Danielle dress (which got ufo’d and then saved and turned into a Jenny skirt instead) and of course the NSFW Dress.  So, in keeping with my New Years Resolution it is being evicted from the filing cabinet.

I bet it will suit one of my beautiful readers perfectly though! Check out Butterick’s size chart here and even if it suggests you are a size 16 then you’ll probably still be able to fit this dress since we know the “big four” tend to run large.

So, you want?

Here’s how you can get your hands on it: Leave me a comment on this post telling me about the sewing project you are working on right now, or the one you are about to start (feel free to leave me a link to a photo if you want too).

If you are a first time commenter or possibly because you leave me a link to a photo in your message may go to moderation (because that’s how I roll, and to protect myself from the evil spammers) but don’t worry, I get an immediate email notification and I’ll approve you almost straight away so you won’t miss out – unless I am asleep in bed, in that case you’ll have to wait until tomorrow but I promise to release all comments before selecting my winner. About this time tomorrow I will randomly select that winner and contact them for postage details and if that’s you then it’s all yours.


So, since we are talking about current projects I’ll go first: I have just cut out Simplicity’s Misses Vest 2556 (view C, sans pockets and collar).

It’s a Project Runway pattern which means you get all these pattern parts that you can mix and match on the supplied croquis, kind of like playing paper dress-up doll. They also supply you with separate pattern pieces for different cup sizes (A – D) so no need to do an SBA or FBA. I’m really interested to see how it fits since it’s the first time I’ve tried any bust adjustment at all.

Just before I started tracing I realised I made a bit of a boo boo when buying this pattern, it only goes up to a size 12. I must have misread the size chart or just clicked the wrong size when I was purchasing it online because Simplicity seem to think I should be cutting out a size 16…so I graded it up using this method. Now I know, two sizes up is a bit of a risk but I think it’ll be OK. In fact, with the bust adjustment, this might even be a tad too big but there are lots of seams where I can pinch out the extra ease when the time comes…I hope I haven’t just jinxed myself…

I was going to buy fabric for this vest but after tidying up my fabric stash the other day I found the perfect pin striped suiting. I had 1.6m x 148cm but managed to get the vest cut out in just 0.65m so I still have some left over for another small project. I’m planning to find some wicked buttons and lining this weekend but I also have enough left over lining from my Hikaru jacket if I can’t find anything.

Now the only thing left to decide is which image is cooler? The one above of 100, 000 hits, or the one I snapped before it of 99, 999?!

Good luck! 🙂

6 thoughts on “100, 000

  1. Yay for 100,000 hits! That’s very cool. 🙂

    I’m planning on putting the finishing touches on a cropped double-breasted 1961 jacket today, then making a couple of gifts for friends who have had babies in the past couple of weeks. (Don’t know quite what those gifts will be yet, but I figure I’ll figure it out soon.)

  2. Congrats on your 100 000th hit! I have a very long way to go before that happens to me! I have a feeling that dress pattern of yours will suit daughter no2 quite nicely, if I am not too late….

    Currently I have an alteration on the go, but I am also toiling a new blouse pattern for myself. Only took 2 days to get the pattern sorted, the paper has more magic tape visible than actual paper at this point, but that’s the way it goes! I also started a pattern incorporating the “just like a stole” neckline from pattern magic 2. No photos as yet, but there will be some.

  3. Gah! WordPress just ate my blasted comment! Feck having to run 3 different WP accounts! Anyways (shortened version of previous witty comment), I’m currently working on an army of shirtdresses, having late last year discovered a fabulous cotton voile availalbe at Potters. I’ve made 2 black ones (with different shits/sleeves) so far, and have navy and red ones in the pipeline now – thanks to the current Potters SALE!!

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