Sewing as Art – Origami Map Dresses

I little bit of Sewing as Art for your Thursday:

 How incredible are these origami-like paper dresses?! They are made from vintage maps and each one is unique.

I am completely in love and want to make some mini versions for my pin board! Check out the Annex site for more info and how to purchase one of your own.


12 thoughts on “Sewing as Art – Origami Map Dresses

  1. Oh my gosh these are really awesome! I recently started learning to sew and began my own blog to track my progress. Anyways, I happened across your site from The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle and LOVE these dresses!

  2. You could also make a colour paper print out of your fabric and make an origami version of whatever you’d like to sew for your mood board. (If you had the time and inclination) How very cool are the map dresses though. I love them!

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