Stashaholics need not apply…

If you are in Wellington, this is for you…unless you made a New Years Resolution this year to reduce your stash and not buy any more fabrics…then I suggest you look away now.

I warned you OK?

I had to get down there for a lookie first before I posted this…but I don’t want you guys to accuse me of not loving you enough to share so I promise that I did leave some fabric behind.

Only one of these items was $5m (pure silk), the rest were just $3m!


Now: Go, buy, stash & sew!


12 thoughts on “Stashaholics need not apply…

    • Hehe, I’ve just returned from my third visit 😉 and I’m good for a really long time too…or until next week. You might not thank me for telling you that they are there until Wednesday, lol xx

  1. Why did I not see it as I walked along Lambton Quay to the cable car today??? I’ll blame it on the weather. Oh well meeting up with friends today, I’ll go tomorrow instead, that’s if you’ve left me anything? 🙂 Hello Mr N, might be late home from work tomorrow and coming armed with a bag of fabric – oops! 🙂

  2. NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (New Years resolution about to vanish out the window in a puff of good intentions.)

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