Manequim 634 (March 2012)

Sigh…I’ve had a super crappy week but pretty patterns cheer me up, let’s review:

Ohh shoes! Shoes make me happy too, these are so pretty in all their clompy goodness. It’s a shame all the shoes I can buy right now are for winter. I hope I can find some puppies like these in the shops next summer.

And this month we also get another pretty online crochet pattern (link) and it looks like the plus pattern page is going to be a regular now. I think the neckline of this top is quite nice, a combination of shirt collar and cowl neck.

 Our cover model this month is Fernanda Souza, a Brazilian model and actress who is clearly a fan of pink. I really like the dress on the left which is a style I’ve seen before but this pattern manages to still show off a really nice feminine silhouette while being floaty and layered.

Our designer section is Tommy Hilfiger and I have to say that I am a bit disappointed that the number of patterns in this section seems to be shrinking. This month we only get three and while I LOVE this dress and it looks great with the blazer (we also get a jean pant pattern shown in a blue and white stripe that had an unfortunate pattern joining in the crotch that I didn’t scan) there was also an amazing top and skirt that I wished they’d produced a pattern for.

FYI the dress, if you bought it, is R$780 (about NZD$520) and the blazer R$404 (about NZD$270)

The “Democratic Fashion” (?) section has some pretty and light tops and I really like this dress with all the buttons and tabs on the neckline.

I love a good wide leg pant and the fabric of her blouse is amazing too!

Don’t let the line drawing of this first dress in the “Time to Shine” section fool you, those are not several long pleats or darts as I first thought, it’s just representing the lace. I like the strappy neckline, it ties at the back of the neck in a bow.

It’s hard to see the detail of this dress in the black fabric, you’ll have to take my word, when I stare really closely at the magazine page it looks pretty hot. I’ve scanned it several times to try to get the detail to show up but it was Photoshop ultimately that saved the day (click on the thumbnail on the left to view bigger). It looks absolutely awful colour-wise but you can at least see the pleats, waistband and overlapping front.

Finishing up with another tie-front blouse in a great print and next months preview, ohh, Marc Jacobs!



Yup the Wellington fabricabrac is all go – here’s the fabric-a-brac May 2012 poster if you feel inclined, it would be great if you could pop it up at work, send it to your mates, put one in your local cafe. That would really help us out!

We’re really looking forward to it – our forty stalls include some new, not-seen-the-light-of-day for a very long time bargain fabric, and the usual great selection of buttons and trims. I am trying to get through all my projects with last FBB’s stash before this one!

Our Sydney one is coming up fast too – 6 May. Have a look at if you are keen to find out more.

Did you know that Golding’s handcrafts in Marion St is now ‘Made in Marion‘? Now we all loved Golding’s in its day, but it was starting to feel a bit tired –…

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Patrones 312

To be brutally honest I don’t think there is anything in this issue that I really really want to make. This is the first time this has happened to me with Patrones and I am pretty disappointed with this issue in general. It’s just full of, well, weird stuff. Ok, maybe I am being a bit harsh but let’s have a look shall we?

Ok, I’m not a fan of the one-shoulder look anyway and the puffy sleeve isn’t helping to convert me. The top, #2, is nice through, ok, maybe that’s one item I might make. I like the long pleating and I do have some amazing linen from Potters that this would look good in.

I don’t actually have an opinion on this dress, it’s not me but it’s not horrible, I am however curious as to how the style team, the photographer and the editor all missed that the zipper wasn’t done all the way up. Umm, and what is with the white gloves?This dress is ok too but I’m not a fan of the fabric, I know what they are trying to do but it’s not for me. I think if I made it I’d choose something with much more drape.

Actually this dress is ok too, quite pretty actually with the shirred waist and I like the fabric print. So how many we are to now peeps? 3?

And finishing up with some gigantic sleeves, #10 isn’t so bad but #16 I just don’t understand.

There are a few other items I didn’t bother to scan but nothing really new here from the Patrones team. All up it’s a pretty uninspiring issue for me.

Do you have this issue? What did you think? Am I just being grumpy?

If you don’t have this magazine and you think I am completely wrong what pattern redeems this issue for you (feel free to enlarge the index image at the top of this post)?

Do you want to take this magazine off my hands? I’m thinking I’d like to do a swapsies, what have you got?  😉

Edit: Oops sorry, I forgot to check out what’s up next month.

Issue 313 is Spring with floral prints to make you feel beautiful, sailor fashion, the minimal trend and cocktail dresses for the holidays.

Fingers crossed.










Manequim 633 (Feb 2012) and smiles

You know what? You guys are awesome! I’ve been feeling pretty blue the last week, letting all the little things get to me but all your comments on my last post really cheered me up so I’d like to say a BIG thank you to all of you xx

The other awesome thing that happened to me this week, just when I was in the need for a little pick-me-up, was that I managed to win myself a sewing pattern online. I love winning things just as much as I love new sewing patterns but it doesn’t happen very often despite my extensive efforts.

I now have a copy of The Sidekick Sewing Pattern from Jodi at Sew Fearless, thank you so much Jodi, I love it and just as I said in my comment, I can’t wait to make up a funky “adult” version for me! 🙂 I’m thinking about using up the last of my super funky Ikea fabric that came home with me from Perth.

You can grab your own version of this super sweet, and super handy pattern for just $10 here at her shop.

In other fun news, last week Zoe of ZoSews nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. I haven’t had a chance to get around to it until today so I didn’t forget you Zoe, thanks so much, I really appreciate it! 🙂

Zoe and I share a love of nerdy maps, specifically ones that show us where all the sewing gems are hiding, kind of like a sewing treasure map! If you haven’t seen it yet, my map is here and you can check out Zoe’s Melbourne version here.

When I received my first blog award (The Versatile Blogger) I wasn’t too sure if blog awards were cool or naff, spam or genuine praise, so I played along anyway, but I’ve decided it’s fun to let others know how much you love their blog and share the linky love so here goes:

The ‘rules’ of the Liebster Award

1 – Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog. Tick!
2 – Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you. Tick!
3 – Copy/paste the blog award on your blog. Tick! Obviously, or you wouldn’t be reading this 😉
4 – Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs (with 200 followers or less). See list below – I tried to choose new blogs from my list that hadn’t already received the award.
5 – Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment. Will do.

My Liebster Blog Award nominees are:

(cue drum roll, applause and confetti)

  • SewingElle from He Cooks…She Sews! – Who can resist a mix of yummy food mixed up with beautiful sewing? Not me!
  • Kirsty from Rocket Sews – I discovered her recently while stalking the Minoru Jacket sew-along. I love her colourful print and all those extra details, go see!
  • Emily from Calico Stretch – We share a love of NZ Merino, and if you’ve never made anything from merino before it you should definitely try it, the most fabulous fabric in the world!
  • Kelly from Sew Alluring – Has just started learning to sew herself and is blogging her progress. I love seeing the sewing love spread and she’s already doing a fabulous job of a super cute apron 😉
  • …and last but by no means least is The Perfect Nose – Because we share our love of Manequim magazines and she has me dangerously close to re-subscribing to La Mia Boutique… 😉

Why don’t you go and check out one (or all) of the above blogs, you never know what amazing new inspiration you’ll find xx

Ok, let’s look at a new sewing pattern magazine shall we?

This month starts of with a cute trend of crochet dresses. I think the runway dress is a better example than the offered pattern. It is available on the Manequim website and it took me a little bit to find it but when I did I also discovered a whole pile of other free crochet patterns. Since I can’t crochet in English, let alone in Portuguese, I’ll probably be giving these a miss but you can check them out here.

I’m skipping a big section and jumping straight to the Nina Ricci inspired pages now. We only get 3 patterns in this section but I am really liking the lace dress. I just picked up a large lace remnant for about $3 and while it might not be suitable for an entire dress it’s got me thinking. I LOVE the draped sleeves on the top.

This skirt below is nothing new pattern-wise but as a bonus it’s in my size 🙂

Recently I have been noticing a lot of tie-front tops and blouses.I know it’s not a new trend, I’m a little slow on the uptake and by the time I get around to making one they’ll probably be off-trend again 😉

My Nana would tisk tisk at this model wearing blusa 168. There are two pictures of her in the issue sitting in this “unladylike” position, I’m no prude but it disturbs me. Her top looks kind of like the top part of the Lonsdale dress.

Another cute tie-front blouse and the fabric is so sweet!

I’m not a fan of when magazine issues try to tell you what you should wear at each decade of your life, however I do like these two dresses, even though they are meant for ladies in their 50s and 60s (whatever) Ohh butterflies! Oh and we’ve seen that green blouse before in a previous issue, I like that they are bringing in pattens from previous issues, although there are no references so you’d have to dig though your collection if it seemed familiar.

Next month looks nice, but you won’t be catching me in that grey sheer blouse without a bra on!

Ciao for now xx

Fessing up

It’s confession time: I have no sewing to report, or finished item images to share with you and I might not for a few more weekends.

So it’s time to fess up.

Our rental got put on the market at the end of January and nerdy hubby and I are being put through Open Home mayhem every Sunday with viewings “by appointment” mid-week as well. This means we have to be super tidy ALL. THE. TIME. (because I am NOT getting blamed for it not selling due to anything we’ve done) and we must be absent during the time when a potential buyer may come through.

This is frustrating to put it mildly (you can insert an alliteration appropriate swear word in front of that term if you want, I did, inside my head).

I told myself I wasn’t going to let it stress me out or interrupt my me-time, namely my sewing-time, but the truth is that it is impossible to be a creative person when you are also paranoid about strangers coming through your house.

So I have hidden packed a lot of things away and pretty much not touched my machines in the last three weeks.

It appears that, along with my expensive scissors and other small pocket-able items, I accidentally packed away my sewing mojo and I’m not sure which box it went into.

I did sit down at my machines on Saturday and managed to partially sew up the side seam of my vest but I made a hash of it and it is hanging all wrong. I am grumpily blaming the instructions which I shouldn’t have bothered to follow so I’ll be unpicking it and doing it my way when I next feel inspired.

Why are we sticking around? I hear you ask. Well, this is not the first time we’ve been in this situation but we have decided it will be the last and have begun the fun (and scary) task of looking for our first house home together. So right now it suits us since we can give notice as soon as we find a place of our own and (for now) not have to sign into another rental contract that we’ll have to see out.

So our Saturdays are now full of drive-by house hunting and on Sundays we troupe through other people’s houses while they troupe through ours.

It is physically and emotionally draining.


The fantasy of finally being able to do as I want with my very own dream sewing room in my very own home is all that is keeping me going right now…that and fabric shopping…and new magazines…and reading all your amazing blogs…and possibly finally getting a kitten or a puppy 😉

I have new magazines to share with you later this week but for now, because I don’t like posts with no images in them let’s finish up with some pretty fabrics, my latest acquisitions from The Fabric Warehouse Pop-up Store.

Fabric makes me feel happy and if you haven’t been down there yet chop chop, they finish up on Wednesday…if there is anything left:

I can’t wait to make some amazing new pieces with these pretties in my dream sewing room sometime in the near future.

Please stick around, I promise I’ll be back to my old (sewing) self soon…