Patrones 312

To be brutally honest I don’t think there is anything in this issue that I really really want to make. This is the first time this has happened to me with Patrones and I am pretty disappointed with this issue in general. It’s just full of, well, weird stuff. Ok, maybe I am being a bit harsh but let’s have a look shall we?

Ok, I’m not a fan of the one-shoulder look anyway and the puffy sleeve isn’t helping to convert me. The top, #2, is nice through, ok, maybe that’s one item I might make. I like the long pleating and I do have some amazing linen from Potters that this would look good in.

I don’t actually have an opinion on this dress, it’s not me but it’s not horrible, I am however curious as to how the style team, the photographer and the editor all missed that the zipper wasn’t done all the way up. Umm, and what is with the white gloves?This dress is ok too but I’m not a fan of the fabric, I know what they are trying to do but it’s not for me. I think if I made it I’d choose something with much more drape.

Actually this dress is ok too, quite pretty actually with the shirred waist and I like the fabric print. So how many we are to now peeps? 3?

And finishing up with some gigantic sleeves, #10 isn’t so bad but #16 I just don’t understand.

There are a few other items I didn’t bother to scan but nothing really new here from the Patrones team. All up it’s a pretty uninspiring issue for me.

Do you have this issue? What did you think? Am I just being grumpy?

If you don’t have this magazine and you think I am completely wrong what pattern redeems this issue for you (feel free to enlarge the index image at the top of this post)?

Do you want to take this magazine off my hands? I’m thinking I’d like to do a swapsies, what have you got?  😉

Edit: Oops sorry, I forgot to check out what’s up next month.

Issue 313 is Spring with floral prints to make you feel beautiful, sailor fashion, the minimal trend and cocktail dresses for the holidays.

Fingers crossed.











13 thoughts on “Patrones 312

  1. It’s the one shouldered white dress I like. I’m not really sure where to start with learning to make my own clothes though.

  2. This is probably a silly question, but are the patterns/instructions in Patrones in English? I’m guessing not, I’d like to make one of those dresses and I’m a beginner dressmaker!

    • Hi Rachel, Patrones magazines are in Spanish (And Manequim is in Portuguese) so no English at all in either magazine unfortunately. The instructions are not illustrated either but the seams at either numbered or have corresponding letters so to strip is back to basics you just attach seam 1 to seam 1 or seam A to A and so on if that makes sense. Sometimes I try and find a similar pattern in my stash (or on BurdaStyle – you can view the instructions without purchasing the pattern) just to get an idea of the basic order. Which dress do you like?

  3. I have this issue. I like tunic 3 and am thinking about making it in an ombre fabric so that the pleats are a darker color than the rest of the blouse. My theory on the open zipper on dress 4 is that the model was too big for the dress, so they left it open. Dress 5 looks exactly like a designer dress another sewing blog was raving about. The dramatic drape is what makes the dress unique and certain people could carry it off with aplomb. Not me! I really like 14, the yoked blouse which is mostly hidden by the jacket it is worn with. It would be great in a metallic woven with contrast yoke for my upcoming vacation. 25 is another great casual blouse. I guess it depends on your lifestyle and taste.

  4. The blue and the pink dress are cute I think. But yes, I agree, what is with that zipper being down on the white one? Twas the first thing I noticed!

  5. That blue dress is quite cute, I think something with more drape wouldn’t have the body to hold the “pleat” that seems to be going on in the skirt. I like sleeves with detail, and bishop’s sleeves in chiffon like fabrics make me drool… sorry ;p

  6. I love this issue . I made dress 5 but as a skirt (made it longer) in a cotton flowerprint and its falling softly. The pink dress is from D&G, the big sleeves H&M, made the carrot pants(Moschino) in a pale pink strech, and blouse 16( Viktor&Rolf)in cotton butterfly/flowerprint.
    Mayby you can make these in wintery fabrics. The fashion shows for next winter are just over, see ,and you can magnify the foto’s.

  7. Actually, from the overview picture I am really liking all of the jackets in this issue, though with Patrones I often think it can be hard to tell unless you can see all the details in person. I also like the white blouse/vest/thing – I get a weird steampunk Downton Abbey vibe, but I think it looks pretty cool.

    Don’t really have anything to swap though, sorry!

  8. I really love that navy dress, very chic, and the floaty flamenco-y type one is so pretty! I’m sure you will find something in there to make up, sometimes it just takes a while for something to sink in.
    Thanks for your comment, and I had no idea Blogger was not playing nicely with others. But I’m glad the problem is resolved now.
    And don’t worry, you do NOT have word verification! Thank goodness!

  9. No you’re not being grumpy and there’s nothing outstanding, as it were, in the spread. I’m kinda re-thinking Patrones, though wish it was available on newstands here as BurdaStyle is.

    Sorry don’t have anything to swap. Probably do really but I have to sort out my magazines and, let’s face it, BurdaStyle hasn’t been great of late either. Oh except for the issues that haven’t made it to NZ yet. By all accounts anyway.

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