Manequim 634 (March 2012)

Sigh…I’ve had a super crappy week but pretty patterns cheer me up, let’s review:

Ohh shoes! Shoes make me happy too, these are so pretty in all their clompy goodness. It’s a shame all the shoes I can buy right now are for winter. I hope I can find some puppies like these in the shops next summer.

And this month we also get another pretty online crochet pattern (link) and it looks like the plus pattern page is going to be a regular now. I think the neckline of this top is quite nice, a combination of shirt collar and cowl neck.

 Our cover model this month is Fernanda Souza, a Brazilian model and actress who is clearly a fan of pink. I really like the dress on the left which is a style I’ve seen before but this pattern manages to still show off a really nice feminine silhouette while being floaty and layered.

Our designer section is Tommy Hilfiger and I have to say that I am a bit disappointed that the number of patterns in this section seems to be shrinking. This month we only get three and while I LOVE this dress and it looks great with the blazer (we also get a jean pant pattern shown in a blue and white stripe that had an unfortunate pattern joining in the crotch that I didn’t scan) there was also an amazing top and skirt that I wished they’d produced a pattern for.

FYI the dress, if you bought it, is R$780 (about NZD$520) and the blazer R$404 (about NZD$270)

The “Democratic Fashion” (?) section has some pretty and light tops and I really like this dress with all the buttons and tabs on the neckline.

I love a good wide leg pant and the fabric of her blouse is amazing too!

Don’t let the line drawing of this first dress in the “Time to Shine” section fool you, those are not several long pleats or darts as I first thought, it’s just representing the lace. I like the strappy neckline, it ties at the back of the neck in a bow.

It’s hard to see the detail of this dress in the black fabric, you’ll have to take my word, when I stare really closely at the magazine page it looks pretty hot. I’ve scanned it several times to try to get the detail to show up but it was Photoshop ultimately that saved the day (click on the thumbnail on the left to view bigger). It looks absolutely awful colour-wise but you can at least see the pleats, waistband and overlapping front.

Finishing up with another tie-front blouse in a great print and next months preview, ohh, Marc Jacobs!


11 thoughts on “Manequim 634 (March 2012)

  1. I love looking at the Manequim pattern mags for the fashion. But it always depresses that the patterns I like are often not in my size, because each pattern is printed in only one size. The dress that Fernanda is wearing is a size 40. The jacket she is shown wearing with it with is offered in a size 46. What woman that wears a size 40 dress wears a size 46 jacket? Guess I’ll stick with Burda, Patrones and Mia Boutique.

    • That is the big downside to Manequim that only a few patterns are offered multi-sized. I’ve been experimenting with grading so that I can use more of the patterns. At the moment I just really enjoy them for inspiration and make what I can 🙂

  2. Sorry you had a tough week – but I agree pretty patterns do help! This issue looks amazing from those great dresses to the wide legged pants. You are starting to convince me that it might be cool to get a subscription… or at least pick up a few issues on Ebay.

  3. This issue looks pretty cool but as usual none of the patterns are in my size. I won’t be continuing my Knipmode subscription so if these guys start doing multi-sized patterns actually be happy to subscribe.

  4. dear Kiwi!!! Unfortunately, the prices you mentiond above are as surprisingly high for us here in Brazil too, and let me tell you that these are NOT high end stores : (

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