April Manequim Preview

Here is a the quick preview for the next Manequim issue (April for me):


Also something about “return of the sets” (a volta dos conjuntos) which if you look at the picture they have a matching blouse and skirt (looks like a dress at first) but then they accessorise  them separately…interested to see how many other patterns are in that section.


Pinterest…again…and Patrones 314 (March 2012)

To quote my good sewing friend Sarah, “Mwhahahahaha!”, I can hear her from all the way over in Perth.

Yes, I have caved in and re-signed up for Pinterest, if you are interested you can follow me by clicking on the button below. You can choose to just follow the boards you are interested in, ‘thecuriouskiwi’ or individual magazine boards, but I also have sewing inspiration and the obligatory shoes and jewellery boards 😉

I’ll try to keep it up to date as an easy way to grab my tutorials, magazine reviews (and maybe projects) etc…I can’t have people pining me and not be able to pin back! 😉

Moving right along: Guess what? I actually did some sewing on the weekend.

I know!

It all started with a 1 hour power tidy-up on Saturday morning and then, late on Sunday, I realised that I had somehow managed to finish my vest (including a trip to The Fabric Warehouse for buttons and thread, where I may have also accidentally bought this $5 remnant which is gorgeous) and cut and stitched up a new top to 80% completion. I’m still as stressed as ever but I actually do feel better for having done some real sewing.

Score! Scarlett models a $5.00 remnant

The weather this weekend is supposed to be awful but I’ll attempt to catch up on my photos. For now here’s a couple of sneak peaks:

Right, Patrones, 314, let’s get on with it:

I really like these H & M skorts/shorts(?) and would be a great first shorts project for anyone. They look really comfy and loungy. The blouse is great too (ohh the fabric!) and I love the little ties on the sleeves, also great seaming.

The cute romper with shirring is also in a really nice fabric and would be a great “my first romper” project. They even promise that it’s easy with the return of the “Costura Fácil” badge.

I like the white detailing on this jacket and the wide legs pants look like a good staple pattern.

I’m not overly fussed by these two patterns (above) but I love the fabrics. Actually #13 is quite a cute dress but mostly I love the ombre style dye at the bottom, could be easy to re-create. The jacket fabric I. HAVE. TO. FIND. So gorgeous and it makes me look a new at my stash since I probably wouldn’t have considered this kind of print for a jacket.

These tops are both cute, ruffles and stripes.

This top has a really interesting detail at the front, a sort of pleat with tie/flap thing, another great fabric print and staple pencil skirt, they look great together.

At first I thought the line drawing of this ruffle dress was all a bit much but with a belt I quite like it, it lies much more flat. On the right, another romper, I do quite like the front detail, I think it’s fine pleats or could be pin-tucks.

There is a blouse section in the centre of this issue, nothing really grabbed me but I do like the detail on this one, little loops down the front placket.

In the plus section I think this jacket is just great, a bit safari and really nice detail plus a pleated trouser…

…and another great outfit. I’ve been meaning to try this pleating technique for a while, I first saw it in The Art of Manipulating Fabric, which I bought a little while ago. You basically make the pleats then stitch across to fix them folded over in opposite directions.

Jacquie picked a few different pieces in her review, you can check it out here.

Next month is the Summer Special and the translation of the text above was all over the show but I do spy the word “denim” and more excitingly “pin-up”, “hawaiano” and “charleston”. Can anyone do better than that? 😉

Happy Zipper Inventor Day!

Have you guys seen Google today? I might have beat you to it on account of being ahead of most of you time-wise 😉

Today is the birthday of Swedish born Gideon Sundback who invented the zipper between 1906 and 1914 – although it didn’t catch on in the fashion industry for another 20 years!

Thanks Mr Sundback and Happy Birthday! 🙂

BurdaStyle Magazine February 2012

You already know that I don’t subscribe to BurdaStyle magazine anymore. The last few issues have been much better but I don’t trust them enough to re-subscribe. Besides, I can buy single issues for NZD$13.00 each at Magnetix in the city.

I’ve been waiting for February to come into stock (they are about 2 months behind current but I don’t mind) and the other day it finally appeared so I snapped it up.

This is probably old news to most of you but here’s a reminder of what’s inside.

I bought this issue solely for the dress below. I am sure you are all familiar with it, it’s been EVERYWHERE on the internet, we all gushed and ohhed and ahhed when we saw the preview. They also did it in black and while it’s still an amazing dress the colour-blocked version is my favourite, it has birthday dress potential written all over it.

There is also a skirt version which I like too and this aqua and purple dress that utilises both sides of the fabric.

$13.00 for three patterns isn’t bad I guess and next month I’ll probably go and get the March issue as well.

Ode to my sewing chair

Ah my old friend.

We’ve been through quite a lot haven’t we?

I still remember the day I chose you in Ikea. I think we’ve known each other for just over 4 years and it’s been a great journey.

I remember fondly that one screw out of four that always seemed to work it’s way loose. I’d find it on the floor (often with my bare feet) every other week or so and take up my screw driver to stick it back where it belonged. Even locktite couldn’t keep it in it’s place.

You weren’t the most ergonomic chair and your base developed that mysterious crack that is slowly getting worse.

When I couldn’t take your scratchy “wool” upholstery any longer I re-covered you in a beautiful Ikea canvas to match the ironing board so you’d feel pretty and loved.

Lately your seat cushion keeps coming off, I blame the ever increasing crack, so the time has come to say goodbye.

You see last week I did a terrible thing.

I entered a competition…and I won.

The prize?

A chair.

An amazing chair!

The New Zealand designed (and multi-award winning) Formway Be Chair!

In red!

It’s ok, don’t be sad, I’ll just scoot you over sideways as my spare for visitors and you’ll always have the ironing board for companionship.

Now, seriously, let me explain: My friend J and I went to the Zenith 1st birthday party last night.

The invite suggested that you use the actual invite (or up to three other pieces of paper) to make any item from their website and there were prizes for the best representations.

Amazing prizes.

So J and I thought, “Why not?!” and gave it a go.

Here are our chairs and the real chairs they are meant to look like:

J actually printed off a picture of real fabric and metal to make hers, it’s on the right and looks amazing!

I just chopped up my invite, going for a kind of cute caricature version.

We really didn’t expect to win anything but I got first and J got third place. It was a clean sweep for us and J is getting an amazing Buzzicube 3D, it’s so cute! You can sit on it, or put your feet up on it, so cool.

Ahh 🙂 Thanks for allowing me a bit of indulgence. I can’t wait to sew sitting on my new chair.

Manequim 635 (April 2012)

April’s Manequim showed up this week day, yay! There is a lot in this issue to love so here are some of my favourite picks this month:

Starting with a couple of cute separate collars, I”ve seen a few of these around, we get two different patterns and embellishment ideas. I kind of want to make one because they are just so sweet!

This months regular plus sized pattern is great too with a pleated skirt, love the colour and accessories.

This white dress (210) is gorgeous! Great detailing and the gold number is great too, it’s got an interesting dart and pleat detail, I’m not convinced on the silhouette for me but it is in a Manequim size 44 (approx. Burda 42).

This months designer section is Marc Jacobs and we get 4 patterns, a cute tie-front blouse (still haunting me, I better make one as soon as I sort my accommodation issues out!) in an even cuter sheer. A classic shirt with ruffle front in two lengths, or at least to me it looks like the shirt-dress pattern has just been shortened.

I also like the polka dot skirt, great fabric, and really nice detailing at the centre front and hem, I like that this month they have the items really mix-and-match with each other like a capsule wardrobe.

I think meia-estação is “half season” so I am guessing these items are transitional season pieces. I really like this jacket with removable hood and the colour-blocked dress is very on-trend and would look great with boots. I also like this next polka dot skirt with a pleated hem.

I was quite interested in this first dress in “Powerful Visual” from last months preview. It’s actually quite a simple blocked piece but with a very Mondo use of different fabrics. The wrap dress is good too, you can never have too many wrap dress patterns, and I like the scoop necked top too.

I don’t often show you the other sections of Manequim – Typically there are make up and fashion trends sections, some recipes and this month we have some home decorating ideas under “Renew you Home”.

I LOVE this clock! It looks like wall decals with a basic clock movement in the centre and I am so doing this when I get my dream sewing room set up, just you wait! I reckon I could stencil it and paint it on, ohh, I’m so excited!

I don’t have a preview for next months magazine yet, I seem to have received this magazine super early for a change (yay!) so hopefully it’ll be up on their site soon and I’ll post it later 🙂

Happy sewing! xx

Patrones 313 (February 2012)

Things have been pretty hectic here at Curious HQ these last few weeks so I’m really sorry about the lack of exciting posts.  I am afraid the only piece of sewing I have cued up right now is a zipper repair for Mr Curious’ favourite work pants, oh yes, the excitement is hard to contain.

Those who can’t sew, buy:

Taking advantage of a recent Club BMV.com sale

Yes, there is a soft toy pattern hiding in there, I couldn’t help myself, they are so cute! Plus the rest of my wish list was Simplicity patterns and I needed a 7th B, M or V pattern to make the most of the ridiculous generous postage costs – $25.00 thank you very much, but it only cost them $11.26 to post it, mark up much?! I guess it could be worse, we could have lost the International Postage War, but we didn’t. However, per pattern, it’s still cheaper and more satisfying than waiting 6 months for the newest patterns to be released in NZ then driving down to Spotlight and queuing at the pattern counter for 20 minutes or longer (because there is never enough staff on) only to discover they don’t have the pattern you want in your size.

Thank you to everyone who messaged me happy thoughts the last couple of weeks, things are on the up and there is light at the end of the tunnel, so for now, here are some more pretty patterns:

I scanned heaps of pages from the magazine this month for some reason. I love the lines on this vest below, I’m not so crazy about the fabric choice, a bit casual for me. I think it could look amazing and professional in pinstriped suiting or beautiful and floaty in a sheer with French seams.

This vest is…well yeah…but how about the fabric on the dress, what an amazing print?!

More great fabric, cute pattern too, ohh, I feel like going fabric shopping…

…meh, more leather fringing…LOVE the wedges though, and her necklace and bag are interesting too.

Shirt dress (#12) is gorgeous, sort of reminds me of the BurdaStyle’s Heidi that I’ve had on my list for aaages. I forgot to check the pattern pieces but whether or not that pleated waist detail is a separate belt you could do something similar to the Heidi belt to make it even more fun.

Lots of the patterns in this issue have this sort of pink explosion tag on them that says “Costura Facil” (have a look at pattern number 8 above) which translates to “Easy Sewing”. I partially chopped most of them off during my editing but you can still see a little bit on the line drawings like below. This is definitely a nice easy pattern for beginner and would be a good starting pattern for someone new to the Patrones magazines.

It all gets a bit nautical in the next section: I quite like this singlet style top (except I do want to reach into the photo and tug it down a the back) but I’m not so sure about the shorts. That is one super high-waist. This coming from the kiwi who swore she’d never buy/wear a high-waisted skirt and then I went and made 4 of them! But on shorts? Hrmm, what do you think? Flattering or just plain weird?

I included these jeans because I think the pocket detail is great. I’m not a fan of the overall cut but I’d love to use the pattern pieces for the back pockets on my next pair of jeans.

The pink and black dresses below both have some great details that are hard to see and I missed them on my first flick through. Checking out the line drawings is really important with Patrones (and Manequim) or you’ll miss some amazing detailing.

‘Easy Sewing’ in the Plus section too, loving the lac detailing at the hem and sleeves of this dress.

Next month is the summer issue which will be fun to look at since summer is slowly sneaking away. Still, despite what everyone else is saying, I think we had an amazing summer and I’m hoping we get another bout of snow this winter, wee! This issue will apparently “prepare our wardrobes for the heat” with party dresses, original designs, several blouses and some retro chic.